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Many of you ask in the comments how to paint an accent wall, to highlight a wall in, for example, the living room or bedroom.

And it is a complex question to answer, since the answer depends on many factors that I cannot know, such as the lighting, the rest of the elements, your tastes, the floor, the furniture, etc.

Even so, even though all colors are valid for painting an accent wall In any room, there are 10 colors, which we are going to see below, which are almost always effective for it.

Let’s see these colors.

Standard medium blue

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Blues are very appropriate colors for many rooms: for the bedroom in soft tones, creating a relaxing atmosphere, for the kitchen, creating a fresh space, and for the living room.

It is a relaxing, fresh and modern color that can be combined very well, as you can with these colors that combine with blue, and it does not usually give problems.


Orange is another perfect color to paint accent walls.

This color looks great both in children’s and youth bedrooms, providing strength and joy, as well as in more adult spaces, whether in a dining room or office, or even a living room, since when combined with the appropriate materials, as we see above these lines, it becomes a perfect ally to achieve a modern environment, suitable for all ages and spaces.

To learn how to combine it, you can see here the colors that combine with orange.


Red is the same, it is a versatile color that can work well in many spaces.

If what we are going to decorate is a living room, it should be combined with serene tones, such as sands, browns or grays, since red is very powerful and can load the space.

Naturally in a bedroom, as we see above these lines, the same thing happens. We don’t want a loud and aggressive space.

Therefore better combine it with soft tones that soften the atmosphere, like some of these colors that combine with red.


Purple is another very versatile color, as it has qualities to be used in any space, depending on how it is combined.

It can be used in a children’s bedroom combined with gray or earth tones, in a living room, creating a sophisticated and modern accent wall, in the kitchen, adding character or in a bathroom, creating a space with personality.

As I said, purple is a versatile and powerful color, and we can take advantage of it to create an accent wall wherever we want.

If you like this color, discover now the colors that combine with purple.

Sea water or mint green

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If we are looking for a color to paint an accent wall in a relaxing space, mint green, mint or sea water is a perfect color for it: fresh, relaxing and bright.

If it is combined with white, we will enhance that freshness and relaxation that this color provides.

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Although white is not the only color with which we can combine mint green, as you can see in this article where we explore the colors that combine with mint green or mint.


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If you need to give strength and brightness to a space, yellow becomes the perfect color.

Furthermore, applied in small doses, as it is only a simple wall, we do not run the risk of loading the environment.

Combined with white it is enhanced and a very bright space is created. With gray, its strength is lowered and the environment acquires a more sophisticated hue.

I do not advise accompanying it with other colors, as it would reduce its strength and the combination can be burdensome. At the end of the day we are talking about painting an accent wall nothing more.

Anyway, here you can find the colors that best combine with yellow, so you can combine it successfully.


Photography and design A Beautiful Mess

If there is wood in your home, a lot, either on the floor or in the furniture, and you have many plants, green is the perfect color to enhance all those natural tones, such as wood or the green of the plants that you have in the space. In addition, it is a cool and relaxing color.

If we are going to apply it to adult areas, such as the living room or bedroom, it works best in its darker tones.

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Photograph by @Kristingronas

Black is a timeless and supremely elegant color.

Any space benefits from black, especially achromatic ones: Spaces that are decorated with black, white and / or gray tones, with some nuances of color, as we see in the bedroom above.

Although you can also combine it with these colors that combine with black.


Photography and furniture from the firm Maisons du Monde

Turquoise is a very pretty color to paint an accent wall.

It is cool, relaxing and always modern.

It makes the spaces take on a certain vitality and energy, and it also allows it to combine very well.

You can see here the colors that combine with turquoise.

Pastel shades

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Pastel tones work well in all spaces, since they are soft colors that do not tend to overload the environment much and can be combined without much problem.

If you like some pastel shade, go ahead and paint that accent wall.

Naturally that there are many more colors to paint an accent wall.

In reality, they are all worth it, since in each case, or in each house, rather, a totally different style governs, as well as there are personalized tastes.

But these colors that we have just seen meet several requirements that are made suitable to be classified as standard colors for painting accent walls.

What do you say, have you found yours? If you have any questions about how to apply this or that color, or how to combine them, I will be happy to answer you in the comments.

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