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The kitchen is undoubtedly the place in the house that requires the most hygienic attention along with the bathroom. Therefore, it is essential to know certain effective cleaning tricks for the kitchen integrates as well as for all the appliances that are in it. Today we have prepared you 10 homemade cleaning tricks to clean the kitchen daily and leave it well cleaned and disinfected.

1 How to remove stains from the glass ceramic.

Given that stains are inevitable and very ugly to look at, and that we do not always have specific products for them, we can resort to natural products for their removal, an easy, fast and effective idea.

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A good trick to remove stains from the glass-ceramic is to squeeze a lemon on them and let it act for a few seconds. Then wipe with a damp cloth, and you will see how they disappear. If the stains are very stubborn, use a special scraper.

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To disinfect the glass ceramic in addition to removing stains, try diluting a little vinegar in water, and with a cloth you rub the plate. You will see that in addition to disappearing the stains, it will leave a spectacular shine.

2 How to remove the bad smell from the garbage can.

To eliminate that unpleasant smell that remains impregnated in the garbage can, we have a very simple and effective trick.

You will need hot water, bleach, alcohol, newspaper, a scouring pad, and a cloth.

The first thing to do is add hot water and a splash of bleach to the bucket, leave it for a few minutes to work, rub the bucket with the scourer, rinse and dry.

Then wet the cloth with the alcohol to burn and rub the entire cube with it, and put it upside down to dry. To prevent garbage can odors, a very effective and inexpensive trick is to put a couple of sheets of newspaper at the end of the bin.

3 How to clean the inside of the fridge

A good trick for cleaning the interior of refrigerators is to dilute a little vinegar (if you don’t have vinegar, you can use a squeezed lemon) in a bowl of warm water, and with a microfiber cloth, rub it on the walls and doors , then dry with kitchen paper.

An important fact to mention is that to avoid possible short circuits, the refrigerator must be disconnected before cleaning it. With this home remedy, you prevent the smell of chemicals such as multipurpose from being impregnated in your fridge.

4 How to clean the microwave

An infallible, effective and above all quick home remedy is to cut a lemon in half, and squeeze it in a cup of microwave-safe water. Put the container inside at maximum power, and let it act for five to ten minutes.

Then remove the mug very carefully so as not to burn yourself, and wipe the walls with a damp cloth to remove any traces of dirt. In addition to being clean and disinfected, it will have a very fresh scent.

5 How to unclog slow sink pipes

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For uncomfortable and unsanitary pipe clogs, there is a fairly effective natural remedy. It’s as easy as preparing ¼ cup of salt, ½ cup of warm white vinegar (you can heat it for a couple of minutes in the microwave), and ¼ cup of baking soda.

First you add the bicarbonate, then the salt, and finally the vinegar. The order is important. Let it rest for about ten minutes. To finish, bring a pot of hot water to a boil and pour it down the clogged pipe. If you want, to improve the aroma of the sink, you can add a squeezed lemon to the water.

6 How to clean kitchen tiles

For a perfect descaling of dirt on kitchen tiles, there is a simple trick that can help you. You mix half ammonia and half burning alcohol in a sprayer. Shake well and spray the walls of the kitchen, in this way the dirt is softened, then you dry quickly with a cloth that does not leave lint. You will see how clean and shiny they are.

7 How to polish faucets

A good trick to polish the taps is to sprinkle them with talcum powder, leave it for a few minutes and clean with a soft, dry cloth.

For the remains that remain between the joints, we can use a toothbrush that you do not use. If we do it daily, the taps will maintain the brightness of the first day.

8 How to polish glasses

An easy way to polish glasses is by adding a splash of vinegar to the detergent. Then you let them dry on their own, face down. The glasses will be impeccable. You will notice the difference.

9 Homemade air fresheners while you cook

When we grill foods with a strong smell, such as sardines, there is a very effective home remedy so that your house does not smell for days.

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At the same time we cook the sardines, on the side, in a pot, bring a lot of water to boil, with a generous splash of vinegar. All we have to do is boil the water with the vinegar while we cook. No odors, easy, comfortable and effective.

10 How to polish the stainless steel hood

There are very simple tricks to polish the stainless steel of your kitchen hood or sink. Some use gin. Strange as it may seem, the effect is extraordinary. Of course, you buy the cheapest, not for that less effective, and with a soft and damp cloth, you wet a jet and rub well. You will see what result.

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Another home remedy is to polish them with freshly squeezed lemon juice, then rinse with water and dry with a cloth. More natural impossible. And another trick, no less effective, is to apply a little liquid Vaseline. They will be perfectly clean and without fingerprints. The results are really good.


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