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What can we do when we have little space on the wall to hang and store things? Well, for example, make shelvespendants, to get extra storage space, as well as a very cool touch; Well, these DIY hanging shelves do not go unnoticed. They are really easy to doIt is enough to have the materials and a common tool that we all usually have in our toolbox. ¿You want a cool shelf so you can store and store more things and also add a cool touch to your home photos when you upload them to Instagram? Check out these DIY hanging shelves; sure that in every room of your house you put one.

I say this from my own experience, since I hardly have more space in my house to add more plants, and I know what it is to want and not to be able: This hanging plant shelf It is quite a fix, and very decorative to continue adding plants, in my case, or whatever each one wants; and in an afternoon we can have it done. See how it’s done in A Beautiful Mess. Or, if you prefer to buy one made and forget about work, you can buy a hanging pot>

A simple wooden board and a bit of rope can become a shelf that can help us a lot in our organization, whether for the kitchen, for the children’s room, or for any space. See how it’s done on Kodin Kuvalehti. Or we can also buy it already made.

If we have an old skateboard that we no longer use and all it does is collect dust in the storage room, we can also use your table to create a hanging shelf with the. It’s a nice way to give it a second life. Can you imagine having a hanging shelf for your makeup made from a skateboard deck? See how to do it at Pair & A Spare.

We can also use a rack or something shaped like a rack to create a round hanging shelf. Can you imagine the cool photos that will come out with this shelf? See how to do it at Pair & A Spare. Also, this type of shelves are highly demanded for Nordic decoration. If you want the original, you can buy it here>

For those who like the bohemian style, you will love this hanging plant shelf. It also combines two trends, hanging plants and macramé. You can see how to do it in Dr. Livinghome.

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Another model of hanging shelf that we can make to place whatever we want. In the example a beautiful plant has been put, but depending on our needs we can use it, of course, for whatever we want. See how it’s done at Bre Purposed.

Something more rustic, with more personality and with a boho touch. An old board attached to a rope by 4 spikes and said rope attached to the ceiling. Perfect. See how it’s done on Chalkboard Mag.

This other is also a beautiful and very natural option, since you need a slice of tree trunk and a bit of rope. Then we can hang whatever we want. Nice plants are great for him, don’t you think? See how it’s done at Refreshed Designs

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It does not have to be a perfect slice, as long as it is relatively flat to be able to leave a glass of water, for example, we can even have a hanging nightstand. See how to do it on The Merrythought

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With a belt. We already saw some ideas for using vintage belts in decoration, and this one came out among them. It is really simple. If we have an old belt or two and a wooden board, we can have a shelf this original. See how to do it in A Pair & A Spare

This type of shelves is another one that is becoming very fashionable since it is also widely used in Nordic decoration. Here you can see this type of hanging shelves, the original ones.


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