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Sometimes paint alone is not enough to decorate the walls of the room. Well it is not that it is not enough, it is; but we may notice that something is missing, or simply that we like the wall more ornate.

In this case, we have many options for decorate the room wall: from paintings, to wall murals, through letters, numbers or mirrors, among other ideas that we are going to see below.

With decorative shelves

HomebySoph Photography

Add a shelf or two or three, whatever you want. You don’t have to use them to store items if you don’t need to.

You also don’t need to locate them on the wall at the head of the bed; put them where you like the most and decorate them creating beautiful compositions.

We can use everything, photos, frames, candles, books, vases, flowers, decorative boxes, etc. In the image above we see a clear example of what I mean.

If you need ideas and inspiration you can see these 20 ideas to decorate shelves and bookcases or these 10 ideas to decorate the wall of the bed with shelves.

Let’s keep going.

A little gallery

Prettyprovidence photography

Choose the wall or walls that you want to decorate with more than paint and create a beautiful composition of paintings. They can be paintings and art, decorative sheets, photographs, or all at once. The idea is to create a nice gallery to decorate that wall. For inspiration and ideas, you can see these 10 photos and ideas to decorate with paintings, frames and photographs.

With decorative moldings

Photography Mardella

The decorative moldings, despite being a decorative resource with tradition, are in fashion. Therefore, we must never underestimate an element that has been with us for thousands of years. There must be a reason.

In addition, today, anyone can install one, easily; since there are polystyrene (cork) moldings, with which you only need glue to stick them on the wall; They do not weigh, and can be easily painted with plastic paint, the color that we want.

Make a preliminary sketch, create an original drawing with the moldings on paper, and when you are clear about what drawing and what type of moldings to use, put it on the wall.

Here you can see ideas to decorate with moldings.

With letters

Decorating with letters or typography is a very widespread trend lately to decorate any part. Add random letters, your initials, yours and your partner’s, your children’s, your pet’s, or create words. There are a thousand options for decorating the wall of the room with letters.

Wall murals

Wall mural by Pixers

Although vinyls are really effective when it comes to decorating walls, wall murals are still much more effective. With them we can give a wall an extra dimension, and make the bedroom bigger, more exotic, deeper or add any nuance we want. Not only can they be pasted on walls, the wall murals can also be used to decorate closet doors, in case you don’t have an empty wall to install it on.

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With mirrors

Edith and Evelyn Vintage Cindy Design

Do you have an empty room wall and you don’t know how to decorate it? Add mirrors. They never fail. They visually expand the space, multiply the light and thanks to the endless frames and their finishes we can give the room a thousand and one essences.

If you are interested in gaining light in the room, you can also see this article with 8 tricks to make the bedroom brighter at the moment.

With a date

Nalleshouse photography

We all have a date that changed our lives for the better. To the bad we sure have another one, but we better focus on the positive. “Frame” that date in a painting, with numbers made of vinyl, with paint, whatever you want, but place it on that empty wall to decorate it.

With pictures

Photograph by Swoon Worthy

But not just any painting. I am referring to bucolic paintings such as a field of cotton or tulips. A painting that evokes a feeling of well-being and rest. An advice? Take the TV off the wall, and add a beautiful painting of this style. You will sleep better.

With a decorative object

Luckily we have at our disposal in all decoration stores, wall decoration objects to decorate the bedroom walls, regardless of our style.

Naturally, these ideas can also be applied to any other space in the home. And as I said at the beginning, there are a thousand more ways to decorate walls without using paint. Here you can see nothing more and nothing less than 40 ideas to decorate walls. And here see more ideas to decorate the headboard wall.

If you liked the article and you think it can help a friend or family member, share it. And you, tell me, how do you decorate the walls of your room? I read you in the comments. ?


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