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If you have an extra space or are going to allocate a space to a dressing room, join me to discover these 10 dressing rooms, which will give us very good ideas and inspiration for you to design yourself or have yours designed. Ready to have the dressing room of your dreams? Let us begin.

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Take advantage of every last inch. It doesn’t matter that you have extra space, or you think there is enough space available. This one is never wasted.

The dressing room in the image above is a good example of a well-designed dressing room, where everything has a place, as well as being practical, functional and comfortable.

Photography @ omenamäessä

In addition to being well designed to optimize space, the dressing room has its own style, the one that you want to print on it, that goes with your own style and that of your home.

Photography @Lifewiththecaspers

Think about all your needs and ask the designer or company to include them in the dressing room, or add them yourself, such as a dressing table.

IKEA Photography

If you have little space, bet on the simple and open. You will achieve a functional and practical dressing room that will barely eat up space.

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Do not forget about jewelry and accessories. These, as you well know, are part of the total set. If you have as many as clothes, they should also have a place in the dressing room so you can use them and always have them on hand.

Generally, if space permits, a piece of furniture designed specifically for this purpose is usually installed, and it is located in the center of the dressing room to make accessories more easily available.

Design and photography @Di Plack

Make it warm. To do this, you can use wooden floors, with or without rugs, carpet, and if you add natural wood to dress the cabinets you will have a really cozy space.

Photography @InteriorbyKaty

As we can see, not only cabinets and shelves are essential in a good dressing room. Seats are also necessary in this space. If the walls are completely occupied by the dressing room, the center of the dressing room becomes the perfect place to place that seat.

Photography Atelier Copeaur

The ideal is to have the cabinets with a door, to be able to close them and that the clothes are not seen, because there will be areas or clothes that are not aesthetically attractive, but a dressing room without doors has the advantage that it is more comfortable, practical , saves space and is more economical.

Photography @ happy_.j

Naturally, not all of us have so much space to create such so spectacular dressing roomsbut yes we can design a custom dressing room in some corner or in a space that we leave free, and make a very practical one ourselves, as we see above, or just below.

IKEA Photography

In this image from the Ikea catalog we see that with little you can create a dressing room, even if it is not a dressing room itself.

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Ikea has to its credit multiple pieces of furniture and very interesting options to create a really cheap, practical and modern dressing room.

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