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We all keep in the storage room or garage a few tiles from that work or reform we did, right? And how long have they been there collecting dust? I guess too much, that’s why it’s about time you put them to use in the best possible way. Before using them, write down the reference or keep one in case you need it in the future and, with the rest, create, decorate or manufacture one of these DIY that we are going to see below with these 10 ideas to reuse tiles leftovers.

Brit.co project and photography

A nice way to use those leftover tiles is to use them to tile the top of an old table that you have, to give a new life to that table. If you have several, you can create a nice composition, as we see in the table above.

Photo Seeking Lavender Lane

If you only have one design, it doesn’t matter; Check out this other table that has been decorated with tiles.

Photography by Laura Gummerman for A Beautiful Mess

We can also cover the kitchen countertop. In fact, we already saw an article with many ideas for covering the kitchen countertop with tiles.

Another use for those leftover tiles is the one we see in the image above this paragraph, where they have been used to decorate a pot and the result is really cool. Here you can see 60 ideas for painting and decorating pots.

Project: Mr. Kate

If the tile that we have in excess is of the mosaic or mosaic type, we can use it to decorate the frame of a window or a door.

Whoever says the frame of a door or window says any frame, just as the talented Centsational Girl blogger has done.

Project: Always Rooney

Although if they are tiles of this type, small pieces, we can use them to decorate any small surface since they are more manageable and adapt perfectly to any surface.

Photo The Merry Thought

Another idea that we can carry out is to create magnets with some pieces of the tile.

Have you got a marble slab left over? It is a crime to have it stored when you can have a hanger as elegant and current as the one we see above these lines, cutting the marble into hexagons. We can see how to do it here.

If you have extra hexagons from the coat rack, you can always use them as coasters, just as they have done in Merriment Design.

And if you like the idea of ​​creating tiled coasters, here’s another idea. You can see how to make them in Crafty little gnome.


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