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Have you seen how eye-catching and entertaining it is to make furniture with pallets? Do you think it could be a good one to decorate your house? Come and review with me 100 Designs of Furniture with Pallets for Interior and Exterior.

How to make furniture with pallets

In case you don’t know, pallets are an element used to move and store different things. They are widely used in companies for this purpose, so we can get them easily. In their primary function, they look like you see in the picture above.
They started to be widely used in decoration, a little with the idea of reusing rustic elements, and making them decorative in an alternative home plan, but with the passing of time, these pallets have been transformed into home elements with more and more sophistication, at such a level that they no longer look like pallets, nor do they look rustic.

How to prepare the pallet to become a piece of furniture

The previous preparation of a pallet, is not very complex, so any of us could do the treatment as any rustic wood (apply anti-fungus, remove nails or other elements attached and most importantly, sand the surface very well).You should also make sure when choosing the pallets you are going to use to make your furniture look good, without any breaks or holes and in the event that you need several to pile them up, that they are all the same size.

Let’s go over 120 ideas for furniture with pallets, subdivided into ideas for internal and then external elements. Let’s see what you think!

Interior Decoration Pallets

Tables with pallets

I think the first thing I think of when I talk about pallets is a table. However, there are as many types of tables as there are fish in the sea, so we will review different ideas built with this very entertaining concept:

Pallet weight divider

Here we see a table dividing environments, in the case of this picture, separates two small spaces.

Pallet entry table Shop Table

Although in the photo it is a table from a tent, you can build one of this type to make a high table in your home, as a kind of bar. Also think that tables with glass are now a trend.

Coffee Table with Diagonal MetalLegs Center Table With Wheels Pallets

One of the most recurrent and easy to get pallet tables. Once you have the pallet clean, just add some wheels in each corner and you’re done.

Rustic Pallet Coffee Table Glass and Iron Legs Table Center Table Center Table Linked

Interlocking coffee table that you can make with pallets or also, with wooden fruit boxes.

nice indoor table Table Grand Type Bar interior table

Again using a glass board for a modern design. We also see this idea in the picture below.

Glass Dining Table High Glass Dining Table

Receivers with pallets

hall table Decorative Hall Table Original table

Chairs and armchairs with pallets

You must have already seen in the previous section that they also make pallet chairs, let’s see below some chairs and general ideas of elements to sit and have a nice time:

Corner Armchair Armchair for living room 2-Body Armchair Pallet Chair with Plastic Seats chair Comfort Chair Creative Chair Pallet chair High Chair for Bar Seats

Pallet seats

The pallets can also be used to create beautiful indoor seating, as a sofa or simply to create a special atmosphere in the living room or bedroom. Look at these two chairs made 100% from pallets. They look amazing!

Lounge made of pallets

We can also see how well they look by combining cushions of the same colour. Just create the base with three pallets and support another three as a backrest.

Lounge with Pallets

Outdoor chairs

pallets and outdoor chairs

You can create your own chairs and armchairs for your garden or terrace, make comfortable structures that you can accommodate with cushions and foams that allow you to enjoy your new seats.

pallets and outdoor chairs-2

These same structures can be used as your seats at the beach, ideal for watching a sunset. You will see that they are already being placed in many beaches to see the best sunsets, that you don’t even have to take them yourselves but there is usually a high occupation, so don’t lose sight of creating your own hammock and seat for the beach.

pallets and outdoor chairs-3

Another sensational option for the summer is to create some great poufs built on a pallet base, then just put the foam and cushions to make them comfortable. In addition, you can always build a table to have a drink comfortably.

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Beds with pallets

The truth is that it would never have occurred to me that from those rustic and almost vulgar wooden boxes, we could have such wonderful and stylish creations, not only in the courtyard but also in our own bedroom. Let’s see!

Mattress-On-Palets-Japan Mattress over Pallet Boxes Single white bed Bed Over Pallets Juvenile Bed of Palets Pallet Backed Bed cabin bird back bed

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there are basically two ways of making furniture with pallets; the first is to occupy the pallets as drawers and assemble them in a lay-type way. The second is to dismantle the boxes and use their wood.

Headboards and bed bases with pallets

In the previous photos we saw how the complete pallet drawers were used, in the following photos we see how the bed and its bed base were made with the wood of dismantled pallets.
Notice how beautiful the headboard looks with the different colors thanks to the treatment of the different woods:

Dismantled Pallet Beds Pallet Header Bed with Headboard of Colored Pads Pallet bed with decorations

Other interior ideas

Let’s look at some other ideas that I’ve been collecting that I found very useful and others that I found very charming. Let’s see what you think, maybe you’ll dare to build one of the following:

Pallets as Room Separators fruit storage pallets cupboard rack wine rustic kitchen with pallets frying pan hanger kitchen shelf interior pallet kitchen exterior shelving tables other shelf decorations-2 other shelf decorations desk office pallets adornment-palets pallet rack other inside hall

Bathroom furniture

pallet bathroom furniture

The bathroom can also be one of those spaces where you can incorporate pallet furniture into your decor. One of the examples you have in this photograph is a pallet furniture on which the washings have been placed, and you can choose to include boxes as drawers among the eggs.
You can also build other furniture with pallets for storage, being able to create vertical furniture comfortable and fast.

Exterior decoration with pallets

As you must have noticed, there are many ideas for making furniture or elements with pallets, now we will see more ideas for our garden or outdoor patio.

Planters with pallets

One of the most common ways we will see pallets, is as gardeners. In the following picture we see a quite simple idea to make a small garden with pallets:

Pallets as Drawers

In the next two photos we see a pallet practically in its original state as a pot stand; it gives it a rustic touch and above all, it is very useful. Personally I think that in the photos it doesn’t look very nice, but with a little of charm this is an excellent idea, worthy of being put into practice:

Pallets as Pot Holders Flowerpot holder

Always remember to make the gardens with the right plants for the conditions of your home, check out this article from Shrubs for the Home, so you can get a little oriented on the subject and you can make a perfect garden. Now let’s look at vertical gardens:

Pallet Vertical Garden Vertical Garden Vertical Garden with Green Plants vertical garden pallet furniture

On the pallets you can fix some pot hooks so you can place them at different heights, you can even combine different types of hooks (widths) to enhance a more striking aesthetic composition.

vertical garden pallet furniture-2

If you want to add even more color to your vertical garden, you can paint the pallets with any color you like: yellow, red, turquoise, etc. Then you only have to combine that color with the plants you have chosen, such as based on the flowers, their colors or their shapes.

vertical garden pallets

You can also create vertical interior gardens, placing them at ground level and using them with a double function. A clear example is in this photograph, where you can see plants placed inside pallets, pots and books.

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Garden tables with pallets

Next we will see tables with great charm that could be perfect to decorate the garden of your house:

Utensils Table Gardening Utensil Tables Outdoor Tables and Accessories outdoor garden table

Swings with pallets

One of the most entertaining ideas I’ve seen built with pallets, are the swings.
We can make a very simple swing like the one in the first picture, even some two-person swings with cushions and ornaments that allow us to use them as comfortable outdoor seats. Look how nice they are:

Sober Pucks large swing Large Swing with Cushions big swing

More ideas from Outdoor Pallet Furniture

Similar to what we saw in indoor furniture in terms of construction, but I leave you with some images of terrace games made with pallets so you can see ideas, combinations and styles that could go with you:

White Pallet Furniture Outdoor kit Outdoor-Terrace-White outside terrace set outdoor seat-terrace Grey Pallet Furniture Outdoor-Terrace Outside Armchair Outside table Outdoor-Furniture-Pallets Wonderful-Pallet Furniture White Seats ourdoor chair outside terrace set pallets exterior floors Outdoor seats Pallet-Furniture-Floor-Level Outdoor-Table-Wall Outdoor Bar Outdoor rustic seats Outdoor seats Outside Dining Table Outside table Grid

Furniture with pallets for small terraces

Don’t think we’ve forgotten about the people who have small terraces, let’s look at a couple of ideas of very entertaining things you can do on your balcony (even if it’s small!):

Small Terrace with Seat Small Cozy Terrace outside terrace floor Outdoor terrace floor

Dare you to turn a boring pallet into one of these entertaining ideas?
I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I did. I think it’s amazing how many elements we can create from something as basic as this kind of box.

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