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Do you have some woods out there or possibility of getting some pieces of recycled wood? If the answer is yes, you will surely love this article. Well, it is, as the title says, of ideas for making headboards from recycled wood. Some are more elaborate than others, but all can be made with wood and the right tool. If you like any of these headers and for whatever reason you don’t want to do it yourself, below each photo you have a link to buy it directly. Let’s see these 15 ideas.

Headboard made with planks. Surely walking somewhere, you have ever come across a board. Near a work, in the field, in a container. As you can see, if you like this idea to make a headboard with recycled wood, with a few planks, it does not matter that they are not all the same, you can make a very original and authentic headboard. Go to Etsy

With pallet boards. Pallets are very fashionable, and it is also very easy to get them, either because we find them lying around, or because their price is very very cheap. The fact is that as you can see in the image above, with a bit of skill and patience, joining several wooden pallet boards, we can have a great headboard for the bed in a short time. Go to Etsy

With ivy wood. I have to admit that this other headboard is more elaborate, but don’t tell me it’s not beautiful. In addition, the author has inserted a lamp, with what is a headboard eco design lamp. Go to Etsy

With painted wooden pallet boards. Laid horizontally and painted the most appropriate color for depending on the environment, here we have another idea to make a headboard with pallet boards. Also, as in the image, we can add some very appropriate word. Go to Etsy

Tables placed horizontally or vertically, as in this case. Painted in a single color or in several, multi-color. Go to Etsy

A shaped headboard. The idea comes to be the same, wooden pallet boards joined to form a large piece, only in this case, the resulting piece has been cut into a shaped headboard. Go to Etsy

With barn wood. Or with serrated wood, this has a more rustic, scratchy, visually tougher, but precious aspect to make a headboard, don’t you think? Go to Etsy

With wooden boards taken directly from the trunk. Instead of getting the boards from a wooden pallet, we also have the option of getting them from a log directly. The result is more natural and authentic, the knots of the wood and other imperfections highlight these adjectives. Go to Etsy

With wooden dowels. A task that requires a lot of patience, but with a finish… spectacular! Wooden blocks and blocks joined one by one to create a headboard. Go to Etsy

With boards and planks. What if we take boards and planks of different wood, size and shape? Well, it seems that the result is a beautiful headboard. Go to Etsy

Decorating the wood. There are plenty of ideas here. Painting it white and making a drawing with a template or stencil, as in the image above, Go to Etsy. Or in various colors as in the image below. Go to Etsy

With castaway wood or driftwood. This type of wood is found on many beaches. They are pieces of wood with a very particular finish thanks to the journey and the time they have been in the seas and that the tide returns to the coast. Go to Etsy. If you like this type of wood to decorate with it, here are 30 more ideas >>

With untreated wood. It is also not necessary to treat the wood in any way. Neither paint it, nor varnish it, nor match it…, it doesn’t matter. If we get wooden boards of a suitable size, we can create a nice headboard without treating the wood in any way, except by cleaning it of course. Go to Etsy

With a large piece of whole wood. Another option is to get a large wood, in a single piece, put two metal brackets or any other material to hold it and use it as a headboard. One of my favorites. Go to Etsy


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