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He summer is just around the corner, and our garden is almost ready to become the most used room on these dates, but we have to protect it well if we do not want to take uncomfortable surprises from unwanted visitors, such as, for example, ants. Ants can become the fiercest enemy for our plants, since they are able to form tunnels around the roots until they damage the plant, causing it to dry out and die. They are also a drawback if you have a mini garden, or planting aromatic herbs, since they can spoil the harvest in a short time. Also, of course, it is not pleasant to be having dinner or relaxing lying in the garden and that ants do not stop climbing and climbing.

That is why today, we are going to give you some tips and home remedies to prevent and eliminate ants from the garden or terrace, so that you can enjoy your green areas as calm and relaxed as possible, that’s what they are for, right? If something stands out in these home remedies, is the ease, the efficiency and the little economic investment what are you going to do, besides being completely natural. Then, 15 natural and ecological remedies to kill ants in the garden.

1 Eliminate ants with garlic.

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Place three to five cloves of garlic in a pot with water, let it rest for a day. The next day, simmer for approximately 15 minutes, and finally, apply where necessary.

2 Eliminate ants with lavender.

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Boil 300 grams of lavender leaves in a liter of water, place this infusion in a spray bottle and apply on the attacked plants.

3 Eliminate ants with grains of rice.

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Distribute a few handfuls of raw rice along the path of the ants and wait for them to pick them up and take them to their anthill. Once inside, the grain will ferment and form a fungus that kills them.

4 Eliminate ants with orange peel.

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Cut orange peel into very small pieces, and spread them around the anthill, or along the path that the ants travel. When transported to the anthill, the orange peel will produce a toxic substance for them.

5 Prevent ants by growing mint.

Photo: Foroantiguo.

Growing this aromatic plant is a perfect repellent for ants, in addition to providing a good smell, it serves to prevent unwanted anthills.

6 Prevent ants in a mini garden.

If you have a mini garden, a practical idea is to cut the bottom of a plastic bottle (one or as many as plants you have) and cover the plants with it and leave the bottle uncovered. This will prevent ants from running around them.

7 Eliminate ants with ash.

Cigar ash, or embers, whatever you have on hand. You just have to sprinkle them around the anthill.

8 Prevent ants with barriers.

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This idea is perfect for fruit trees. Cover the trunk with foam rubber, and apply mineral grease on it, the ants will not be able to climb it.

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9 Eliminate ants with lemon.

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Spread the juice of a lemon over the areas where the ants walk.

10 Prevent ants with baking soda.

Photo: Blogs. 20 minutes.

Applying baking soda to the areas that we want to protect, the ants will not approach.

11 Prevent ants with salt.

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The same method as with bicarbonate, applying salt to the areas we want to protect, serves as a repellent.

12 Ant repellent with alcohol and garlic.

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Put 6 garlic cloves in the blender with half a liter of sanitary alcohol. Blend for 3 minutes. We put the preparation in a bottle that we will put in the fridge for a while. When it is cold, spray with the help of a vaporizer for greater comfort, on the affected areas.

13 Prevent ants with flour.

Spreading flour in the areas to be protected will help prevent ants from approaching.

14 Eliminate ants with traps.

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Create traps with honey, petroleum jelly or resin. You can use a cardboard for example well smeared with any of the three, this will trap the ants.

15 Prevent ants with cotton.

Ideal for trees or pots with thick trunks. You will have to cover the logs with cotton, apparently, the ants are unable to walk on it. If it rains, remember to change it for a new one.

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