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Lately we have seen how marble has been introduced in modern kitchens practically eclipsing other more traditional materials such as tile, although we must never forget its versatility to cover walls, floors and countertops.

And it is that for anyone who is in love with ceramics and wants tiling the countertop with tiles, I have prepared 15 very inspiring photos, where, ceramic tiles line the kitchen countertops.

A very hard and fire resistant material, as well as easy to clean.

¿You want to tile the kitchen counter? Pay attention to these ideas for inspiration.

Updated article 7/15/19

Photography The College House Wife Instagram College Housewife

In this kitchen the kitchen worktop has been tiled with the same small square tile as the sill, creating a sense of continuity. All blank. Let’s see another model of tiled kitchen countertop with tiles.

DTile tiles

Kitchen countertop tiled with gray stoneware. Another idea is to extend the design and tiling from the front of the kitchen to the countertop with the same tile.

To tile without cuts, we can make use of DTile tiles, which are curved and available in a thousand ways so as not to have to cut the tile, such as the edge of the kitchen that we see above these lines, by DTile.

DTile tiles

This countertop that we see in this large kitchen is completely tiled with traditional white tile, but also from the DTile firm. If you like continuous and uncut surfaces, this tile may interest you.

Falegnameria Conca kitchen

Kitchen worktop tiled with gray tiles and earth tones. Another nice way to tile the kitchen countertop is as we see in the image above: Extending the tiles to the wall and adding a ceramic border.

Tiles and kitchen by Elite Tile Co

If we like the rustic style we can opt for Mediterranean type tiles. Traditional and authentic.

Of course there are many other tiles to cover the countertop of a rustic kitchen.

The contrast of colors between the tiles and the furniture is a characteristic point of this rural style.

Let’s continue with more rustic kitchens.

Seen on Pinterest

Here we see another beautiful rustic kitchen with a beautiful mosaic of multi-tone tiles lining the countertop.

Seen on Pinterest

Another very characteristic tile of the rustic style, this one that we see in the image above these lines, with which this other countertop has been tiled.

Seen on Pinterest

A kitchen, traditional in style, with classic accents, and with the tiled countertop in a very beautiful dark greenish tone when combined with the wood of the furniture.

Seen on Pinterest

Let’s continue with the rustic-cut countertops. These blue tiles are another good option to cover the countertop, as we see above in these lines, on white furniture, with a border that extends on the wall, with the same tile.

Seen on Pinterest

A combination of tiles in various shades that cover the countertop and the sill of this other tiled countertop.

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Photography Jenny Steffens

Although if our kitchen has a more contemporary style, no problem. We can also cover the countertop with tiles. Just above we see some square, simple, traditional tiles covering both the wall and the countertop, of a modern design kitchen.

Design and photography Our Vintage Home Love Instagram Vintage Home Love

Another example of a beautiful kitchen with a modern cut tiled top, since the smooth and gloss tiles, more in a larger format than the mosaic ones, create this look.

Not only are there traditional tiles, we can also resort to the famous tile. Those small tile pieces that were originally glued one by one and now, thanks to a mesh, stick almost like a larger tile, making its placement much easier.

Simply Vintageus Photography

Or use classic tiles in a larger format, smooth and shiny, for a more modern countertop or with a more modern and not so rustic touch, as we have seen throughout the article.

DTile tiles

The bar, the island, the peninsula or the kitchen office is another surface that can be tiled with a very attractive result.

In addition, we can add more decoration with the tile, if we add grout with colored mortar to color the joints and create an interesting pattern.

What do you think of tiled countertops? The only “but” they have is that depending on the tile, if you drop a glass or any other item with a certain weight on it, the tile may splinter. Even so, the wide range of finishes, colors and textures offered by the tile, few materials have it.

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