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Of the same color, combining two, or several, with trendy tones, with some decorative painting technique … There are many ways to paint a modern living room and give it a special air thanks to paint, like these 17 rooms that we have prepared, all They painted with different colors and in different ways, but current, so that you get inspired and paint yours. So, let’s see these 17 ideas to paint a modern living room that are waiting for us.

In black and white

Photograph by @the_house_that_jen_built

In black and white, yes, but not in the usual way, painting an accent wall or two in black and the rest in white, if not painting everything in black, leaving the moldings, baseboards and door frames to white, creating a elegant contrast as only black and white know how to do, but with a carefree character.

Two tone

Crownpaints Photography

A beautiful shade of deep purple has been chosen and it has been painted almost to the ceiling, but leaving a strip of the ceiling that goes down, to create a great decorative and visual effect, since that is what we do is lower the ceiling.

Despite being relatively simple, if it is not among your skills to combine colors or paint accurately, it is better to hire a professional who knows what he is doing and let you advise, so that the result is optimal, and the execution time, minimum .

As the professional painting and decoration company Pintores Gris Antracita says, “Painting a house when you live in it can be cumbersome.” Therefore, an adequate professional team will not only advise you, but will also do the job in less time and with the least possible hassle.

Powder pink and white

Photography @Silje Spilde

A color combination that never fails and is also very fashionable, dusty pink and white. It can be combined with wood, metallic accents and black, so the combinations are endless.

In gray tones

Kenay Home Sofa, Table & Cushions

Gray will always be a suitable color to paint any room. To add nuances of color, we can use textiles such as cushions, rugs, curtains, etc.

Warm and cold

Photography and furniture Maisons du Monde

In beige and blue. A cold and a warm tone, so they complement each other very well. In addition, as we can see, they allow a great injection of color, in case you have furniture in powerful colors such as yellow or blue.

White bone

We can also paint the living room in off white. It is true that this idea is not groundbreaking, nor very innovative, in addition to not standing out much, but many people look for that precisely, and in this case, the bone color is perfect, since: It dresses the walls with elegance and warmth, without highlighting, and let the rest of the decoration be the protagonist.

Dark turquoise

Maisons du Monde furniture and photography

If you like blue tones like turquoise in its darkest hue, if you combine it with white, you can create a room like this. I do not advise you to paint all the walls in this color as it is a powerful and dark tone.

Light blue

Dear Lillie Studio project

Sky blue is another one of those versatile colors with which you can paint, both a children’s bedroom, and a classic-style living room that you know will work for you.

If you are looking for a cool and relaxing atmosphere, sky blue is a great alternative.

Painting techniques

Photography Leroy Merlin

In this list of ideas to paint the living room, one could not miss one that was a decorative technique of high decoration, such as Florentine lands, atmosphere, sands or similar.

Although they are not very difficult to apply, if you have never done it before, trust in expert hands. If you live in Madrid or the surrounding area, you can count on the firm Pintores Gris Antracita, who will give you a free estimate, advise you and carry out the work effectively.

A mosaic of pastel shades

Photograph by Leroy Merlin and Houzz

A combination of pastel shades applied in the shape of triangles, or whatever geometric shape you like, will create a contemporary living room with a spectacular accent wall.

All in lilac

Bruguer Photography and Colors

Another versatile color that can be used to paint a baby’s bedroom or an elegant adult living room, creating a relaxing and appropriate atmosphere for a sophisticated and very modern space if combined with pale pink for example.

Dark blue

Photograph by Farrow & Ball

It is not usually a common color since it is dark and requires lighting, but it is also true that it is one of the most elegant and sophisticated colors that we can find on the market.

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In green and pink tones

Bruguer Photography

A very interesting color palette and also suitable for any space, since it can decorate the most adult rooms as well as the younger ones.

Red and white

This is another combination to paint a modern living room that is used a lot. To get it right and finish it, add gray as an intermediate color and you will have a winning palette.

In soft green tones

It is not necessary to reach the pastel tones, but there are very beautiful soft greens with which we can paint all the walls of the living room and achieve a fresh and current atmosphere.

Blue midtones

Photography @Milou_nieuwenhuis

If you like blues, midtones are perfect for a living room, as they are not as pastel as softer blues, nor as dark as dark blues.

Dulux Photography

One of the most popular colors of the moment, coral, and with which, of course, you can paint a most modern living room.

These ideas to paint the living room show us the great power of painting, either with a single color, several or by doing some painting technique. If you have known a little, here you can see 50 ideas to paint a living room in two colors.

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