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Injecting an aggressive, coarse and rough industrial style into a bathroom, generally a rather small space, is a task that must be carried out with care. With good planning and adding the right elements, with the appropriate materials, so that everything has coherence and balance and shows what we really want.

So, if your intention is to have an industrial style bathroom, join me and discover this collection of modern industrial style bathrooms that I have collected, where we see its keys, materials, furniture, accessories and colors, as well as different shades within the own industrial style, so you can load yourself with good inspiration.

Caroma Project

The raw and metal finishes are a must for this powerful style. Rough concrete, exposed brick, black metal… All this well combined and in keeping with the subtlety of the bathtub and the rest of the toilets, achieving a modern industrial bathroom in total balance.

Inkreacje project

Somewhat more sophisticated is this other industrial bathroom, with walls finished in concrete, the floor in hydraulic tiles and the vaulted ceiling in wood and brick. Completing the scene and adding a touch of color, the faucet, mirror and radiator have been added in orange tones.

Pastel Photography in Staal

You can also achieve a less aggressive industrial aesthetic, with a sophisticated and more delicate look, such as this other bathroom, where thanks to the pink tones of the tiles and the white used on the washbasin wall, it is less vast than the more industrial style. aggressive.

Design and photography Deuce Cities HenHouse

With little, in many cases it is enough. In this case, with the addition of a large industrial-style sink, subway tile with black grout, as well as the floor and other details, this beautiful vintage industrial-style magazine bathroom has been created.

Photography Whispering Bold

This other bathroom shows us an industrial style that borders on minimalism. It is simple and with personality. Coarse finishes, such as ceramics imitating cement or concrete, wood and copper finishes. An industrial look but current, and lighter.

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Seen on Dom.W.Lesie’s Instagram

More sophisticated, almost modern, but thanks to the concrete-imitation ceramic on the walls and the stainless steel plate that lines the shower wall, as well as the industrial-cut taps, they create a bathroom with a contemporary industrial aesthetic . An industrial style of the most updated.

Seen on Pinterest by @Verbouwfabriek

Try to get some rough and crude metal structure like the one we see above these lines in the form of a towel rail or heated towel rail made with pipes painted in matt black, to give the bathroom an industrial character.

It is these elements that give it its style and industrial character.

Naturally the black of the door, the tiles and the black panel partition also add industrial style.

Olga Paliychuk Project

Again, another industrial bathroom but with a sophisticated and elegant cut, for the most gourmets. The raw finishes have been replaced by more sophisticated materials and straight lines that give the bathroom a lot of elegance, but without losing character.

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Photography Miffy Shaw

Original exposed brick wall and with the copper pipes of the visible water installation, giving the bathroom an authentic industrial touch, mixed with softer elements, such as the freestanding bathtub with lion feet or the wooden countertop in light tones with the rectangular washbasin. A surprising combination to achieve an industrial aesthetic.

Seen on Magdalena Staniek’s Instagram

If what you like is the industrial but contemporary style, much more refined and with more refined lines, this other modern industrial bathroom has everything you need to inspire you. Look at the bathroom screen how thin and minimalist. Do you notice the differences?

Photography Paw Prints on the Path

More purist is this other industrial bathroom, almost refined. It is a mixture of industrial style with Art Deco, and with vintage elements. It has elements of both styles, in full harmony, achieving a spectacular bathroom that gives us many ideas.

Photography In The Dog House

Subway-type tile, vast wood, shower screen with large black profiles and a black painted wooden base, make this vintage-style bathroom acquire an industrial touch that suits it very well.

Edoardo Frenquelli Project

For the more daring, this other industrial bathroom can be a great alternative. Walls plastered in dark concrete, industrial Tolix-type stool, and bathtub and washbasin imitation of industrial drums.

If you like black for the bathroom, here you can see black bathrooms, very inspiring.

Let’s look at the next industrial bathroom, which is much more sophisticated.

Photograph by Christopher Stark | Evars and Anderson Project

If you are looking for a current aesthetic, but with an industrial touch, this bathroom is a great source of inspiration. It could perfectly belong to the new issue of the AD magazine in America.

It is elegant and sophisticated thanks to the materials used such as marble and tile, but with an industrial touch thanks to the black and the metal panel with glass panels give it that industrial touch so elegant that it looks.

Design by @ this_e17_life of This e17 Life

One of lime and another of sand, as that one said. This other bathroom is not based on nuances or subtleties. A great personality is required to enjoy such a bath; almost decadent, with the exposed brick wall, the rough, aggressive wood-imitation ceramic floor. An almost industrial bathroom with personality and a lot of strength, full of good ideas.

Seen on Stephen Watts Instagram

Again another bathroom with great strength and character. Small with few elements but well chosen. It’s simple, while a sleek black and white patina of flamboyance with salmon accents covers it. Wonderful job.

They are aggressive bathrooms, with character and personality, with a strong aesthetic; They are industrial bathrooms that delight lovers of this style. Which one is your favorite? Have you taken notes and collected ideas? I read you in the comments.

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