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Armchairs with backrest, on wheels or with armrests; large sofas, modern or rustic finish; for exterior or interior. Palletmania applied to armchairs and sofa has a place in all rooms of the house, as we will see below. Do you want to make a armchair or sofa with wooden pallets? Look at these that we have collected and be inspired to make, with four basic tools and a bit of skill, your own.

Armchair made with wooden pallets for outdoors, with wheels, to be able to move it easily; Well, with how beautiful it is, it doesn’t matter whether it’s in the garden or in the living room.

Armchair made with wooden pallets, with a beautiful back made with an old door, which gives it a charming vintage air. You can see here 40 ideas to reuse an old door.

Sofa with armrests made with wooden pallets. The sides of the pallets have been lined with plywood sheets to give it a more modern look.

Very modern sofa with a minimalist design, made with wooden pallets, which have wheels as legs.

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Outdoor sofa made with wooden pallets. This example is one of the simplest that we can copy. It is enough to put the wooden pallets one on top of the other to achieve a structure similar to a bench, at the height we want.

L-shaped outdoor sofa made with white painted wooden pallets.

A real gem, this authentic chair with armrests made entirely with wooden pallets.

Sofa and chaise longue made with wooden pallets. A beautiful and wonderful sofa for any living room. Comfortable and very modern, don’t you think?

Armchair made with wooden pallets. This is another very simple example to create an armchair and fill in any empty space that we have at home, if we have any.

Simple and beautiful armchair made with untreated, natural wood pallets. One on top of the other, nothing more.

Sofa made with blue painted wooden pallets. The combination of the fabric that covers the foam and the colors of the cushions creates a beautiful decorative composition.

Another simple and beautiful sofa made with pallets. Once we have the cushions, this sofa can be made in 2 minutes, or less.

Sofa made with green painted wooden pallets to which practical wheels have been added.

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Charming garden set made with pallets. You don’t lack detail, right? Even the walls are made of pallets painted white.

Comfortable and practical armchair or sofa bed made with wooden pallets, painted in white. Don’t miss these 20 beds made of pallets, which are not lacking in detail.

Another simple armchair made with wooden pallets. Wheels as legs are a typical element for this type of furniture.

Two armchairs made with a wooden pallet structure, also with wheels.

Simple and elegant this other armchair that we see above these lines.

Comfortable and practical armchair made with white painted wooden pallets.

A very fun and cheerful armchair made with pallets, perfect for a children’s bedroom, for example.

Two-seater sofa made with two wooden pallets as a base, another two as armrests and another for the backrest.

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Practical and comfortable outdoor armchair made with wooden pallets.

As we see, the difference between one armchair and another is the material we use later as a backrest or seat. Well, more than the material itself, the fabric with which we upholster the foam: its color and its texture, especially. The cushions, blankets and whatever we add to complete the sofa will also shape its character.

That is, once we have the structure made, depending on which cushions and backrest we add, we will get an armchair with one style or another.

What you liked most? I read you in the comments.

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Photos courtesy of: Jeffrey The Natural Builder


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