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Who has not made a glass jar, overflowing with pennies, his greatest treasure? Since we were little they told us how important it is to save, it is something that became a habit, a wonderful custom for those of us who still live in times of crisis. Although, instead of going to the bank and changing these pennies to take their extra money home, they decide to make real works of art with them. Perhaps they have very small purses and the coins are too bulky, or that directly, and most likely, they have the illustrious ingenuity through the roof.

In this post, we are going to show you once again that creativity has no limits, that with a little patience, a brush, silicone gun or glue, sealant and some “little savings” we have an exquisite decoration, and that only we can create. From here, we return to make a mention to DIY fans, because these crafts, in addition to being fun and simple, paradoxically save money by making them yourself. If you like the idea, we assure you that this decoration, besides being very easy, is select and very chic. Do you dare? Here you have 25 wonderful DIY ideas to decorate with copper coins.

1 Modern bathroom, wall decorated with 1, 2 or 5 euro cent copper coins.

2 Window decoration forming corner with copper coins. Very youthful.

3 Decorative letters made with cardboard or wood painted to taste, silicone gun and with a varnish or resin finish.

4 Decorative horse bust with coins.

5 Box decorated with old copper coins. To give it an older touch, tutorial here.

6 Tablecloth made with copper coins. The coins are first placed on an adhesive base, and then glued. Finally, a coat of resin to protect it. Let it dry and that’s it. Original and with a fun touch.

7 American kitchen bar decorated with copper coins on black tapestry. Outstanding.

8 Mirror with frame made of copper coins. Ideal for the entrance of the house or bathroom.

9 Coffee table made with copper coins. After joining them with glue, they have put a crystal on top for greater protection. It gives a very gallant air to the dining room.

10 Decorated vase. First we paint with black spray, when it is dry, we can join the coins with a hot silicone gun.

11 Tray decorated with coins. Repurpose old trays and give them a stylish touch.

12 Make spirals with copper coins. Ideal for smooth walls, both indoors and outdoors.

13 Decorative heart. Join the coins with silicone or glue, and give it a coat of varnish afterwards. Get a fresh and elegant decoration at the same time.

14 Necklace made with copper coins. With a drill and some chains, they have created a beautiful necklace. Ingenious, don’t you think?

15 Ball of coins for the garden. Decorative and practical, as they repel slugs and snails.

16 Cabinet decorated with coins. A most original hall.

17 Small copper trees. You can build the base with cardboard. Join the coins from top to bottom with silicone or white glue. A nice and curious idea.

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18 Stools decorated with copper coins. Later protected by a layer of resin.

19 Rings made with very special copper coins.

20 Toilet floor decorated with coins. Give it a different and elegant air.

21 Living room wall decorated with coins. A whole work of art in your home.

22 House for outdoor bird feeder. Don’t forget to protect the coins with resin.

23 Photo frame decorated with overlapping copper coins. Beautiful.

24 Curtains made with coins, with the help of drills and chains.

25 Bag made with coins. Very original and elegant.

Photos: Bittersweet, Decoesfera, Pinterest and Environment.

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