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After many years, I am going to break a spear in favor of IKEA, and applaud the BESTA series.

I have to admit that I have never been a big fan of IKEA, but recently in one of the projects I’m doing we ended up including an IKEA BESTA TV cabinet in the living room.

The fact is that my little taste for IKEA had betrayed me, because honestly, I was not well aware of the enormous amount of options and possibilities that the BESTA series offers us, to create a TV cabinet, among others.

Actually, it doesn’t have that much variety, I’ll tell you about it later, but what it does have is enough to assemble the piece of furniture that comes to your mind, no matter how crazy, difficult, modern, large or small you want.

All you need is to imagine it, and if you don’t feel like it, you can start getting inspired with these 25 photos of living rooms with BESTA IKEA that I have prepared.

If you want to assemble a BESTA living room furniture, with these ideas that I have prepared, you will surely find the combination that you like or, at least, one that inspires you enough to assemble your own furniture.

At the end of the article I will tell you more details about this series of modular furniture, now we are going to see the BESTA ideas from IKEA, which I will tell you about and so, if you are not very clear about what there is, you will learn a little.

Photography I Loft You

For this modern apartment, the I Loft You studio has used a BESTA combination for the living room in high gloss beige to mount the TV cabinet, combining 38 cm top and bottom modules, with two 64 cm modules, one side in white and with doors frosted glass.

Have you noticed that the upper structure has spotlights? They are also from IKEA.

Photography I Loft You

Again, the I Loft You studio uses BESTA for this modern living room, in which four 38 cm modules have been used, with two open for the bottom part, and another four for the top part, all closed, in white matt, with spotlights, plus two 64 cm units on the side with glass doors.

BESTA combination for living room made with three 38 cm high modules, plus two 64 cm in the lower part, and in the upper part, four 38 cm modules and another two 64 cm, but 20 cm deep, with the body in white and doors in dark blue.

This other BESTA composition is much more elaborate, but as I said at the beginning, the versatility of this product is incredible. The truth has stumped me.

Modules of 38 cm below and above, open the ones below so that we can use the remote control of the different devices, and closed above, and on one side, modules of 64 cm, some with white doors and others with glass.

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If you have a large living room, you can use BESTA without any problem, since by adding module after module you can fill in the entire wall.

Each BESTA structure is 64 cm wide, regardless of whether it is 38, 34, 128 or 192 cm high.

Simpler, all in black with two frosted glass doors, and made with four 38 cm modules in the middle and two 64 cm on the sides, framing the television in the middle.

Another factor that makes the BESTA series very versatile for mounting a TV cabinet in the living room, is that these pieces of furniture look good both resting on the floor directly, as suspended above it, as well as with legs, which also have several to choose from. , although I must admit that it is in the legs where BESTA fails, since there is little variety and not very graceful.

If you are looking for something simple, modern and with great storage capacity, this other BESTA room above these lines is a good model to imitate.

Five 64 cm modules with an upper drawer at the bottom, and another five 64 cm at the top in glossy white.

Another relatively simple BESTA composition that successfully dresses a wall in a modern living room. All the modules are the same, but some are closed, others with opening, and others with a drawer without a door.

Simpler impossible. Four matt white BESTA modules placed on the floor, without legs.

This other combination above has an element that we haven’t seen yet from the BESTA series. Well, we had seen it but not in this way.

Actually, it is a hole or drawer but without a door in the middle of a 64 cm module.

Another simple combination of living room furniture made with BESTA, made up of five modules or 64 cm structures in matt white, with legs.

In stairs, with 38 cm modules in the lowest part, three of 64 cm with drawers, and ending with two of 128 + two of 64 cm at the top. And on the side, four 38 cm, all with a wooden body and a gloss white finish.

Suspended on the wall, this other living room furniture has six modules of 64 cm, four with closed gloss white doors, and the middle ones, with drawers and openings to be able to use the different devices with the remote control.

You might think that the large modules are better at the bottom and the small ones at the top, but in this case, in the living room with BESTA furniture at the top of these lines, we see how they have put the 38 cm modules at the bottom and the 64 cm above with recessed spotlights, and it looks pretty good.

I do not know who is the creator of this BESTA living room furniture, and I have been looking for him to give him my congratulations. Not that it is the most beautiful piece of furniture, but mounting all these modules with spotlights and backlighting included, it deserves a big applause, don’t you think? What a job.

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Something more charming and simple, made with modules with a white body and fronts or doors in high-gloss beige.

High gloss black and white. If you are looking for an elegant and modern combination, black and white never fails.

IKEA Photography

This composition that we see above is one of the proposals that IKEA makes to us in its catalog to show the versatility of the BESTA series. A complete, modern and versatile piece of furniture.

IKEA Photography

Another of IKEA’s proposals, somewhat more elaborate, since it uses different colors, finishes and glass doors, plus a set of lights also from the Swedish firm on the top of the 38 cm modules.

IKEA Photography

Another combination that we have not seen until now is the one we see in this BESTA living room furniture: 38 modules below with a gloss white body and beige doors; 38 cm modules in gloss white above, and on the side, one of the large modules, without doors and without back, open. There is the difference.

IKEA Photography

Another IKEA proposal. Simple, all of it made up of modules with a wooden body and gloss white finishes.

Photography By Koczanaska

A simple BESTA combination, very simple, but as you can see, very appropriate. Five 38 cm modules, one behind the other, without legs, placed on the floor, all blank. Minimalist cut.

This other BESTA combination has a couple of modifications aside from what is the BESTA series itself. One is the wood that acts as an envelope in the upper part of the modules below, since IKEA does not sell this wood to put it in BESTA furniture, but glass.

And the other modification is the wood that covers the bottom hole of the modules below, which IKEA does not have either.

And as you can imagine, in addition to the versatility of this product, you can also “hack” it to your liking. That there is a lot of that on the internet, if you want ideas.

Stylkea Photography

And we close the collection of photos and ideas of BESTA combinations for the living room with this other beautiful, simple and current composition, created by Stylkea, and made up of six modules measuring 38 cm below, in gloss white, and five above, also in gloss white.

As you can see, between modules or structures, different doors, drawers, colors and finishes, you can assemble the piece of furniture that comes to mind.

How to design a BESTA living room furniture from IKEA

If you want to make your own furniture, in addition to the many IKEA BESTA compositions and ideas on the net, including those in this article, the Swedish firm makes the planner available to us.

An extremely simple to use online tool, in which you yourself add modules and modify them as you please until you complete the BESTA furniture you want.

It is very simple to use, believe me, in 20 minutes you have already got it, and it is worth it if you are really interested in buying this piece of furniture.

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BESTA structure measurements

Although I know you have been attentive and have read, it does not hurt that I leave you here the measurements that they have available, in case you are interested. There are not many, but there are enough, as you have seen, to design the living room furniture that you really want.

Small module, 38 cm high, available in 20 cm or 40 cm depth.

Medium module 64 cm high, available with a depth of 20 cm or 40 cm.

Large module 128 cm high, available with a depth of 40 cm.

192 cm high module, available with a depth of 40 cm.

And all the structures only have 3 finishes: White, black or wood. They are the doors where we find the greatest variety of finishes.

Here you can see all BESTA structures.

These are the main modules, which, as you can see, are not many, but if you add to these structures, the wide variety of doors with different finishes and colors that it has, glass, colors, lacquered, embossed, plus the ability to add drawers , legs, handles and lights, because you have everything you need to design just the furniture you need.

Although it makes it really simple for us, if you have any questions, you already know that you can leave a comment that I will be happy to answer you.

It looks like this is an IKEA sponsored item, but trust me when I say no. It is that I really did not know the BESTA series properly, and I was so pleasantly surprised that I had to write an article talking about the enormous range of possibilities it offers us.

Well, I have changed my opinion, at least a little bit with respect to IKEA, to get to know its BESTA series better, what do you think? I read you in the comments.

The rest of the images I have not been able to find the source, if someone knows who they are, I would appreciate if you could tell me, to congratulate the owner who has assembled such a beautiful piece of furniture, and to put a link, of course.

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