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The majority of people who paint their houses, when it comes to doing so, the doubts that arise are due to the colors that are going to be put on the walls, but never or practically never on the ceiling, since they always tend to paint it white. .

Perhaps it is because of that vulgar tradition that has been with us for a long time when the ceilings began to be painted white.

Or perhaps it is because it is the simplest, and we know that we put the color that we put on the walls, it will always match the white ceiling.

Although sometimes, the ceilings are painted white to give the room more space or for other aesthetic reasons in which it is appropriate.

For whatever reason, there are few homes in which the ceilings are not painted white.

And today I wanted to show you some ideas to paint the ceilings in colors, stripes, with drawings or figures geometric, so that you can see the decorative potential that can be added to a home if they are given equal or greater attention than the decoration of the walls.

So whether you have decided to paint your ceilings in color or want to see how to paint the ceiling in a color to see how it looks, here you go 25 ideas to paint and decorate ceilings in a not as conventional way as usual that will inspire you.

We started.

Photography Abi Dare from These Four Walls Instagram @abidare

If the ceiling is very high, we can paint it with a dark warm tone, like the terracotta color that this other ceiling looks, making it not visually so far away.

In addition to giving color to the space, we also make the room visually more collected.

Vintage Revivals Photography

Ceiling painted in dark leaf green and the rest of the walls in white. In this case, the color is applied to the ceiling, leaving the walls free, but adding a large dose of color to the room.

Our Fifth House Project

In navy blue with stars. A very dark navy blue background has been created, on which white stars have been added, creating a very original painted ceiling to decorate a room.

Interior design and photography Decor Aid

In wood. In this case, the wood was the original of the roof structure, but even if you don’t have this material, it can always be imitated.

Design and Photography At Home With Ashley Instagram @athomewithashley

In pale pink to match the rest of the decoration, keeping the walls white.

Photography Apartment Therapy

Do you have a very high ceiling? Here’s a way to paint it that makes the ceiling appear lower. By sticking the ceiling color a few inches into the walls, we lower the height of the walls, making the ceiling appear lower.

If instead of blue the ceiling had been painted in a warm color, the sensation would have been greater, since warm colors “bring” the walls closer, while cold colors, such as blue, move them away, creating a sense of depth.

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Design and photography Not Just a Housewife

If you don’t like smooth ceilings, you can always use stencils to create an elegant pattern on the ceiling, as if it were covered in wallpaper.

Design and photography Celebrate Creativity

And, even if you add a solid color to paint the ceiling, you can always continue to use stencils to finish it off at the corners, creating a more elegant decoration.

Of course, another of the ways we have to paint the ceiling is by making stripes, in different colors, creating a great focus of attention, but without saturating the walls.

Design and photography Nourish and Nestle

Although it is a piece of the ceiling and in a color as soft as the pale pink that we see above these lines, the effect adds decoration and transforms a normal bedroom into one with more category. And just with a little color.

Design and photography Sarah Gunn Style

Gray walls and light blue ceiling, a winning combination, as gray and blue combine perfectly.

Design and photography Bowdenisms

Another example of how a decorative striped ceiling has been painted, in this case in light earth tones and white, leaving the walls to apply two shades of gray.

Photography Gold Is a Neutral Instagram @gold_is_a_neutral

In wonderful black. Have you noticed the bold and perfect color combination of this room?

Would you have imagined that a cream or skin tone on the walls would combine so well with a black tone on the ceiling?

Sounds fantastic to me.

Design and photography Room for Tuesday | Instagram @romfortuesday

In the corridors we can also add color to the ceiling. In fact, it seems to me one of the most appropriate places, since without loading the hall with decorative elements, but simply applying paint, we can decorate it in a big way.

In this case, the walls were left completely white, and the hallway ceiling was painted a powerful fluorine yellow.

Photography Apartment Therapy

In bright orange. Well combined with white, wood and green creates a spectacular palette. Does it look like the lowest ceiling? Yes. But does it matter so much?

Unless you are feeling overwhelmed and have very low ceilings, forget about these visual effects and add color to the ceiling.

Which is just paint. If you don’t like it, you repaint it.

Photography House of Jade Interiors

In a wonderful coral color on the ceiling, combined with a successful gray on the walls. I love this color combination that has been used in this bedroom.

Seen on Pinterest

In sky blue to make the ceiling appear higher. Looking at a blue ceiling is like looking at the sky. Deep, relaxing, beautiful.

In this other bedroom it was done the other way around. Blue has been applied to the walls, leaving a pale pink to dominate the ceiling, all separated and defined by a molding painted in dark brown.

Bohemian Omega Photography

Another idea for painting the ceiling. Create a painted headboard and extend it to the ceiling, as far as we want, creating a decorative effect willingly and economically.

Photography and design The Magic Brush inc Instagram @jenniferallwood

Are you looking for an elegant touch for any space in your home? Paint the ceiling black and combine it with neutral tones such as gray and wood, and you will get an extremely elegant and original space.

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True, the ceiling is going to seem lower, but not so low that it makes you feel bad.

Another way to paint and decorate the ceilings is to create a border, about 10 cm wide around the entire perimeter of the ceiling, with a color that has been used on any of the walls.

In pale green to paint the ceiling of the kitchen, making it more welcoming, fresh and attractive.

In this corner, which is completely decorated in white, black and wood with some touches of pink, it was decided to paint the ceiling a bright orange and the result could not be better.

Do you want a bright and warm living room? Then paint your roofs yellow to achieve it.

As you can see there are many possibilities and ideas to paint the ceilings in different colors, and although we have empty walls, modest furniture and we do not resort to any painting technique for the walls, these will make the room special. It is a very effective and economical decorative plus that we cannot ignore.

Do not get carried away by conventions and dare to paint and decorate your ceilingsWell, as you can see, the result can be at least worthy of admiration. And now let me give you some tips before you paint your ceilings:

Tips for painting house ceilings in color

– It starts in a small room, maybe the bathroom. If you don’t like it, you will only have to repaint the bathroom ceiling, which will be a few square meters at most.

– Use matte paint. You can use whatever you want, as if you want high gloss, but the more gloss the paint has, the more prominence and impact the ceiling has.

However, if you paint it matte, the finish is more subtle and deep.

– Before painting the ceiling, take a brush and sweep the entire ceiling well. You will be surprised at how much shit it can catch, and also cobwebs.

– When painting, roll the roller in one direction. That is, paint vertically or horizontally, but do not cross the passes or give diagonally as well as vertically, as you will probably notice the knees later.

– Wallpaper everything! This goes without saying but still, I tell you to paper absolutely everything.

– If you are also going to paint the walls, always start with the ceiling, and when it dries and you are done with it, start with the walls. Always from top (ceiling) to bottom (walls).

Although if you want to decorate the ceiling with another way than paint, I advise you to know the stretch ceilings.


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