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If you are also going to go to the side of those who want sweep the house with a robot vacuum cleanerSurely you are already looking and watching the different robot vacuum cleaners that are everywhere; looking at options, comparing and weighing the pros and cons of each. And, although probably everyone will tell you about the iRobot, the Roomba, there are many other options that, being a little more basic, do the main task -vacuum the house without us moving- just as well, and for something or much less money. Like these robot vacuum cleaners that we have selected today, which are on sale for a limited time. Even so, without being on sale, the price of these robots does not exceed € 200. Let’s see them.

Chuwi iLife A4 Robot

Although it is a cheap vacuum cleaner, approximately € 121, the quality of the materials is good. It has a weight of 2.2kg, several sensors that will make the robot suck up every last speck of dust with a noise level that does not exceed 65db, and a suction power of 600 to 100 Pa.

This model does not have an interior microfiber mop. It includes a lower roller, specially designed for carpets, and the robot can be vacuuming for more than 2 hours thanks to its rechargeable battery in a few hours. The space in which this robot moves is between 180 and 200 square meters.

It also has several anti-collision sensors, which identify obstacles encountered while cleaning so as not to collide with furniture or objects. In addition, it has pressure sensors that track the environment to detect unevenness, stairs, etc.

Once the battery is running out, the robot itself finds the base to charge automatically as long as it is connected to the electrical network.

It has a high capacity tank and a remote control with which to fully control the entire robot.

As you can see, for this price, the Chuwi iLife A4 robot is quite complete. You can see more details or buy from Gearbest here>

Chuwi iLife V5 Pro Robot

The Chuwi life V5 Pro robot has very suitable features to be considered an excellent alternative to the Roomba. It is a Chinese robot with a price of approximately € 112.

Its main characteristics make it clear that, for that price, it is worth it, let’s see these characteristics below:

You have the option to choose between wet or dry mop.

Its cleaning area is between 150 and 180 square meters.

It has an anti-collision system thanks to its sensors.

It also includes infrared sensors in its lower part that detect barriers, obstacles, drips and changes of direction.

A specific time can be set for the robot to start cleaning.

Its tank has a capacity of 0.3 liters for wet cleaning.

Neat and slim design, nothing more than 7 centimeters to clean under furniture.

Maximum noise level of 50db.

850 Pa suction. Absorbs dust, hair, paper, etc.

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LCD screens with touch control.

LED indicators, which show us in which state the robot is working-

4 cleaning modes: Automatic, clean point, clean cellar and scrub the floor

Automatic loading and manual loading.

And it can be used on cement, tile, parquet, vinyl, etc.

A robot that fulfills what it promises, which is nothing more and nothing less than cleaning the floor of the house for us.

You can see more details or buy it on GearBest here>

Seebest D730 Robot

The last robot in this list of robots on sale that we have prepared today, is the Chinese robot Seebest D730. A very complete robot, with high performance, manufactured by the Chinese company Seebest, for a price of approximately € 179.

The Seebest D730 cleans both dry and wet thanks to its half-liter liquid dosing tank. It is a robot suitable for wooden, marble, ceramic and / or carpet floors.

Along with the robot also comes a charging base, a virtual wall in case we want to limit its cleaning area and a remote control with which to control it. The robot comes prepared with HEPA filters and can be programmed for when we want it to start cleaning, whether we are at home or not.

With 2 speeds and 5 cleaning modes, the robot cleans and vacuums all types of common floors that are usually found in a home, including carpets.

Thanks to its 2,200 mAh battery, this robot has a range of 2 hours and charges in about 4 hours, approximately.

A very complete robot that will satisfy your cleaning needs for much less money than other more popular ones.

You can see more details or buy it on GearBest here>

Did you know these cleaning robots? Do you use one to clean the floor of your house or have you not decided yet? I read you in the comments.

The offers of these robots are available for a limited time and do not depend on us, but on the store that sells them, in this case GearBest.


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