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Today we are going to talk about an incredibly attractive and natural technique that highlights the beauty of imperfection. For those of you who don’t know the Driftwood, is a DIY technique which basically consists of recycle the wood returned by the sea to the coast in the form of twigs, logs or stones, and that after storms, it is common to find them on the shore of the beach. This wood is already polished by water and sand, and is used for create decorative objects or redecorate them in a very peculiar way, it has a lot of play due to its incredible asymmetrical shapes of curves and polished edges, with different touch, colors or shapes.

One of its most surprising qualities is its innate impermeability that nature has given it after its long journey through the ocean, which is why it makes it a very special type of wood, suitable for interior decoration as well as for exterior. Its collection is very simple, since this type of wood is usually located on the beaches, and they are very abundant on days of storm surge or storm. In this post, we have compiled you 30 DIY ideas to create decorative elements in the most natural way, such as clocks, vases, coat racks, decorated mirrors, tables, pictures, mobiles, fruit bowls … etc.

As you can see, an easy and original way to decorate your home and very economical, since you will only need glue, paint or varnish, strings and some other decorative element to complete your creation. Here are 30 Driftwood ideas to decorate your home with beach wood:

Anchor created with sea wood.

For this craft, they have painted some of the wooden sticks, star and seashells, and a rope in different colors.

Christmas tree created with sea wood.

As you can see, with a few sticks of sea wood you can create a very original Christmas tree, for its anchors, you can use nails and glue.

Dreamcatcher created with sea wood.

To create this craft they have used fine rope as a net, a small owl-shaped clock and decorative beads. To frame it, they have used sea wood sticks.

Auxiliary shelf for kitchen with sea wood.

For this decoration, they have used a thin log of sea wood, and they have placed it in the kitchen as a double shelf.

Children’s boat created with sea wood.

This decorative object is ideal for a children’s room, they have created it with sea wood and have painted the part of the candle in different colors.

Decorative seahorse created with sea wood.

This craft is very simple, first you will have to draw the silhouette of the seahorse on cardboard or cardboard, and cut it out. The next thing will be to glue the wooden sticks with glue, filling in the drawing.

Decorative centerpiece with sea wood.

The sea wood also serves to decorate the centerpieces, to give a rustic touch to the home.

House feeder for birds created with sea wood.

If you like DIY, this craft is very simple. With small logs of sea wood they have created the base and have drilled it to make two holes, then they have covered it with small sticks, for fastening you can use fine nails.

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Decorative heart created with sea wood.

Very easy craft to do. You have to draw the silhouette of a heart on a cardboard or cardboard, and go sticking on it, with glue, the wooden sticks. Then by decorating it with white beach stones, it gives it the perfect touch.

Marine painting made with sea wood.

Ideal for nautical or marine home decorations. You will need thin sticks for the frame, and others a little thicker for the boat. Paint to taste.

Decorative shelves made with sea wood.

Simple and elegant at the same time. They have used logs of sea wood as a shelf, and they have placed birds on them simulating the branch of a tree.

Mirror decorated with sea wood.

To decorate this mirror, they have used sea wood sticks, and they have been joining them with glue.

Fruit bowl created with sea wood.

To create this fruit bowl they have needed small logs of sea wood, glue and fine nails to better hold each other. You can use it for fruit, or decorate it with marine objects such as shells or starfish.

Garland made with sea wood.

Very simple, to create this garland, you will need to join the wooden sticks with glue, and finally place a bow as you see in the image. Ideal for doors or windows.

Glass vase decorated with sea wood.

If you have a vase of this style at home, you can give it a new, more original and warm air, adhering to it sticks of sea wood. For holding, with white glue.

Floor lamp decorated with sea wood.

To give the perfect rustic touch to this lamp, they have used logs of sea wood, glued or nailed, as it best suits.

Decorative letters made with sea wood.

Decorative letters ideal for living room with a rustic air. To form the letters, they have been joining the sticks together with nails. It is worth mentioning that you will have to do a selection process to choose the woods that most closely resemble the shape of the letters.

Photo frame created with sea wood.

For this photo frame they have used logs and sticks of sea wood, and to decorate it, you can add maritime motifs such as shells, shells or starfish.

Mobile created with sea wood.

With the help of not too thick ropes, you can make this simple craft, ideal for outdoor places such as terraces or gardens.

Dolls created with sea wood.

The woods always suggest very peculiar shapes, in this case, they have decided to add a pair of eyes and create these very nice decorative figures.

Wall coat rack created with sea wood.

For this coat rack you will need a smooth and preferably flat trunk, and some hooks to place them as coat racks, with the help of a drill it is a simple task.

Ceiling lamp created with sea wood.

Beautiful ceiling lamp created with sea wood and maritime elements such as shells, starfish or seashells. The sea wood has been painted white, to give it a more maritime touch.

Wall hanging photo frame created with sea wood.

With two simple sea woods, you can create this original and easy photo frame, to join a couple of fine ropes and that’s it.

Standing coat rack created with sea wood.

This coat rack has been built with logs of sea wood, joined together with glue and nails.

Decorative clock created with sea wood.

For this craft you will need the mechanism of a clock and a few sea woods, you will have to place them strategically in the best way suggested by the shapes of the sticks.

Book holder created with sea wood.

Easy and elegant craft. You will only have to join the trunks with the help of nails or glue.

Stool or side table created with sea wood.

Fantastic stool created with sea wood logs that can also be used as a side table. For fastening, sturdy nails.

Crystal glass decorated with sea wood.

Ideal for special occasions, this crystal glass has been decorated with sea wood sticks, glued together only and fastened with a bow. In this way, you can remove it and put it on whenever you want.

Candle holder created with sea wood.

Original candle holder created with sea wood sticks, and the ends tied with rope.

Table created with sea wood.

Magnificent table created with logs of sea wood, a work of art that undoubtedly stands out for its natural beauty in any home.

We hope that with these DIY ideas for making Driftwood be inspired and put your creativity into practice, since some of them are really easy to do, so you know, if you live near a beach, or are going to spend the summer in one at this time, look at these little pieces of wood that are almost always along the shore or among the seaweed and stones. You will see the infinite number of things that can be done simply by collecting wood found on the beaches.


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