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Decorate a modern vintage bedroom it’s easier than decorating a traditional vintage bedroom, as these show us modern vintage bedrooms that we are going to see next.

And it is that, in most occasions, it is enough to add an element of an old style, which evokes bygone eras, to add the vintage nuance to the contemporary bedroom; in others, it will be the Mid Century or metal furniture, which give the bedroom the nostalgic character of vintage aesthetics, and in others, it will be the paint and elements that make up the scene in the bedroom, which make it be a current vintage bedroom.

The fact is that to achieve this aesthetic, it is not necessary to start from scratch with the decoration, but, by preserving many existing elements in the bedroom and adding some others, we can obtain a spectacular modern vintage bedroom, like these we see right now.

Ashley Design from Bigger Than The Three Of Us

Vintage ceiling lamp, vintage carpet, Mid Century style side tables and bed, with lamps on the bedside tables also vintage cut.

It is these elements that give character and style to this beautiful bedroom, without having to complicate life by adding more and more elements.

Design by Lauren from The Blesser House

Metal canopies and richly colored wallpaper are also very suitable for a contemporary vintage aesthetic.

Edith and Evelyn Vintage Cindy Design

Naturally, if we have beautiful authentic vintage-style furniture, it will always be easier to create this aesthetic in our bedroom.

Photography @Missdollyvintage

Although they are authentic, in contemporary rooms they will always have a very current nuance, which turns the space into a modern vintage bedroom.

Design and photography My Vintage Porch

Light, dark or pickled natural wood is also a good ally of this style.

Design by Alicia from Our Vintage Nest

Dusty shades of pink, or blue, as well as other pastel colors go well with vintage, as it creates a patina of delicacy that works very well in this style.

Design and photography by The Painted Hive

Of course, children’s and youth bedrooms are also suitable for recreating a current vintage scene, and completely charming.

Claire Design from Claire Brody Designs

The piece of furniture that has the most presence in a bedroom is the bed, if we get a vintage model, it will practically be enough to give the bedroom this style.

Design by Deb from Seeking Lavender Lane

Antique furniture, salvaged pieces, worn finishes … All these elements are perfect for vintage style.

Design by Deb from Seeking Lavender Lane

More contemporary and serene, but if you look closely, it’s the details like the chandelier on the ceiling, the floral wallpaper and the vintage bedding that get the look.

Designer by Teryn Yancey of Vintage Romance Style

Exposed brick or brick imitations, and metal together with wood are great protagonists of this style. Recurring materials and finishes that usually define the vintage style.

Designed by Shannon of Fox Hollow Cottage

All in white, but again, it is the furniture and accessories as well as the ceiling lamp that turn this bright bedroom into a vintage space.

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Interior design by Rittika from One Brick At Time

Vintage with exotic Moroccan reminiscences, such as the lattice headboard, matching the beautiful wallpaper, and hanging iron chandeliers as lighting finish the scene.

Design by Lysa from Flat-Pack & Vintage

More current and less faithful to the style, but we see how this style is recreated with the Mid Century type tables and chair and the vintage brass sconces on the wall.

Songbird Design and Photography

A mix of vintage and rustic or farmhouse, two styles that combine very well, thanks to the use of similar materials, such as metal and weathered wood.

Elizabeth Joan Design by Elizabethjoandesign

A vintage bed cover and a worn white painted wooden headboard are all this bedroom has needed to acquire a vintage hue.

Britt Design from Britt Interiors

The brass fixtures, the table on the bedside table and the blank wood sheets that line the walls are responsible for giving this bedroom a soft vintage atmosphere, but without excesses.

Designed by Garrett and Cathy from The Grit and Polish

Sometimes it is enough to add a small element to the bedroom, such as a vintage bedside table and decorate it in the same way to give the scene a vintage touch.

Designed by Tania of Little Vintage Cottage

Weathered white wood sheets are very appropriate for this decorative style, and we can easily cover a wall to have a good base on which to decorate the bedroom.

Brittany Design from White Dog Vintage

Rugs, side tables and table lamps, little more has been necessary for this spacious bedroom painted in a very soft gray to become contemporary vintage. Take note.

Design by Jess from Bright Green Door

Textiles like curtains can also define the style. As we have seen throughout the article, multicolored floral prints work very well.

Design by Karen Knox of Making Spaces

Simpler but more precious, with a lot of personality this other vintage bedroom painted in blue, with many charming details that achieve a magazine scene.

Etsy quilt

Again, it is the textiles, colorful and ornate, plus some other details that forge the style of this other bedroom with also bohemian touches.

Etsy headboard

With a simple vintage object added to the bedroom, if you have enough presence, you can transform the space. In this case, it is the handmade wooden headboard that has achieved precisely this.

Photography and furniture from Maisons du Monde

If we have a wooden bed and we do not want to change it, we can always add some other vintage metal furniture, such as a bed bench, a coat or coat rack to give a more faithful style to the bedroom.

A single bedside table, also in white, is the vintage hue of this other small bedroom. But it is enough.

Photography Krys Mantovani

Recover an authentic antique vintage wooden or metal furniture, and add it to the space, you will see how it transforms it.

Photography and furniture from Maisons du Monde

If you are looking for a more current vintage bedroom, bet on Mid Century style furniture.

Design and photography by Erin Wheeler of Sunny Circle Studio

The Mid Century furniture in this other bedroom, and the large blue floral wallpaper, are responsible for giving the space a charming contemporary vintage atmosphere.

Photography @ Plot9buildingthedream

If you are going to assemble it from scratch, there are beds and vintage furniture that will solve the ballot after having to decorate it like this, because they will provide the bedroom with this style as soon as you locate them.

As we have seen, in some cases by adding a complement, such as a rug, a specific piece of furniture or a lamp, an environment can be transformed from vintage to modern or vice versa.

If you are going to decorate your modern vintage bedroom and have any questions, leave a comment that I will be happy to answer you.

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