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It’s been a long time since I published an article showing 10 ideas to recycle an old door or 10 ideas to redecorate or reuse an old door, it’s the same.

The fact is that it was quite successful and despite this I have not spoken of ideas to reuse old doors until today.

And look how easy it is to get hold of an antique or old door. We can find them in containers, clean points, in our own house when doing reform perhaps, in that of a friend, etc.

So, being so easy to get hold of a door to be able to use it for a different purpose and there being so many other purposes for which we can use it, today I have prepared a great collection of ideas to reuse or recycle an old door and turn it for example into a shelf, or a mirror, or a decorative object, or a table… If you are interested in these ideas, keep reading because below you will be able to see 40 more.

We started.

Downtoearthstyle Photography

Replace a normal door with another with more … style. Or with more personality, whatever you want to call it.

Create a sliding wall with an old door to cover the television area, from floor to ceiling.

Photography Designsponge

Do you need a sofa? Do you have an old door? Well, you can transform that old door into a sofa.

More details on Etsy.

You can also create a bookcase by adding horizontal shelves to an old door.

Photography Cote De Texas

Use the old doors to hang some beautiful sconces and create a very charming vintage bedroom.

Twigdecor Photography

A nice and practical garden bench created with an old door and more wood.

Photography Joys Of Home

Make a coffee table out of an old door.

Photography Sweetpickinsfurniture

Another example of how an old door can be used to make a coffee table. Here you can see more ideas to make a coffee table.

Photography Fivetoninefurnishing

If we paint it with blackboard paint, we can have a large blackboard to write down and decorate whatever we want.

Make a corner shelf or shelf with an old door.

Photography Cottageandcabin

Make a table for the garden.

Photography Staceyembracingchange

Another lovely garden table created with an antique door.

Make a bookcase with an old door.

Shabby and Charme Project

Outdoors, to decorate a wedding, creating a charming corner with a message.

Refresh Restyle Project

As an outdoor shelf, like a drink bar, or whatever we want.

Laura Trevey Project

To create a sliding door, the old-fashioned sliding doors are now very stylish.

Vintage Headboards Project

A classic: Old recycled doors as headboards. It does not fail.

Reposhture Project

To create a bench for the garden or for the patio or any outdoor area that we have. With one or two recycled old doors, depending on how big we want to make the garden bench.

Donna R project

As a hall furniture, for a hall with character.

The Modage Cottage Project

As a coat rack. Just put the recycled door leaf with some hangers and voila.

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This (sorta) Old Life project

Transform the old door and recycle it as a coffee table on wheels with storage space underneath.

Confessions of a Craigslist Junkie Project

As a mere decorative element propped up in a corner, old doors have a lot to say.

Seen on Pinterest

Convert an old and recycled door into a console or sideboard, to decorate the back of the sofa.

Mason Jar Champagne Project

As a coat rack, but this time putting the recycled door vertically.

Liz Marie Blog Project

Like a work schedule. If we paint the old and recycled door with chalkboard paint we can write and erase as many times as we want.

Finding Home Farms Project

As a tabletop. Do you have legs? Do you have some old doors? Well now you have a table.

Draft ?

As an envelope for a console or hall. Actually an old door can serve as an envelope for any piece of furniture that we want.

Liz Marie Blog Project

To cover the television, attached to rails, like a sliding door.

The Vintage Bloom Project

As a hall furniture with bench and storage space. As if it were a gabanero wardrobe.

Seen on Pinterest

We can even add a mirror. If it is a hall furniture, a mirror is always welcome, and the leaf of the old door will give us space to put it.

Seen on Pinterest

How many times have you been blank when decorating a corner? Well, with an old recycled door you have a great decorative element so that you don’t go blank again.

You put anything on it and it is perfect. The older the better. And if your style is rustic or farmhouse, it will go perfectly with your home.

Seen on Pinterest

Another use of an old and recycled door is to create a storage area in the kitchen, with supports that are anchored to the door, and have cups and other items always at hand. Perfect for small kitchens with a lack of space, for example.

Seen on Pinterest

In this case, the old door has not only been used as a headboard, but also as a foot. It seems that the entire bed frame has been made with old doors.

Tcdesigns1968 Project

As a kitchen island. Similar to the idea of ​​the table, but in the form of a kitchen island. Here you can see more ideas to make a DIY kitchen island.

Artisanupholstery project

As a screen. Depending on the size of the doors, how big will it be or doors you will have to use. A great idea.

As you can see, with an old door you can recycle it and convert it practically into whatever you want, and as I said at the beginning, luckily, today it is very easy to get a door of this type.

If you have been wanting more, you can see these other ideas to paint and decorate your interior doors.


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