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In this post we will see 40 small bathrooms with modern showers in different decoration styles so you can enjoy their shapes and find some ideas to replicate in your home.
Currently, many floors are being renovated, going from an old-fashioned bathtub to a modern and avant-garde shower.

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I sincerely believe that baths have a sovereign charm, but unfortunately our small bathrooms are not prepared for them, they take up space and dirty the decoration by having to put curtains to avoid splashing water.The baths are perfect for a relaxing bath and have countless positive features, but only when we have the right space.

Let’s see the gallery I have prepared for you of baths with shower. I hope you can find some style you want to replicate in your home.

Showers with Glass Doors

Glass doors are an excellent solution for decorating your bathroom. Their functional use is also of a high standard, they are beautiful, easy to clean, and do not take up visual space, as they are transparent.
Below you will see some pictures of small bathrooms that were designed with glass doors.

Shower With Glass Door Rounded Shower With Glass Door

We will see differences in shapes; notice that not only can we have showers with straight figures, but there is also the option of making them rounded.

Rounded Shower Glass Shower Corner Shower small bath with shower Corner Shower Glass Door Shower Shower With Glass Door small bath bath with shower small white bathroom woth shower small bathroom

If your apartment is so small that the bathroom and the washing machine must share a room, I advise you to install a vertical washing machine, since they use less space, so your bathroom can be a little more free of elements.On the other hand, horizontal washing machines allow us (as in the following photo) to use them as shelves, but if you do not want your things to be exposed, you can buy or even make container boxes in which you can leave your daily things on the washing machine; such as cosmetics, creams or even the necessary materials for cleaning.

There is always the option of “hiding” certain things, disguising them in decorative boxes that appear to be ornamentation.

small bath with washing machine

Check out these small modern bathrooms with showers, they are certainly some of my favorites:

Glass Doors Shower Shower with Doors

Regarding colors, remember that you can innovate and create your spaces in creative ways, that make your bathroom unique. There are stickers for tiles and mirrors, which you can play with and change as often as you like.
It is advisable that the choice of colors for the small bathrooms with shower, are light colors, they can be pastel or striking, but hopefully always in a bright range, as in the following photo.

Green Bath

Black and dark colors should be used very judiciously, so that they do not take up space in your bathroom. If you decide to use them, they should always be combined with light colors. You can even paint the sky black, but be careful that the rest of the colors are clear, so that they provide a sense of space.

chess bath Retro Shower small bathroom bathroom shower with flowers really small bathroom modern bath small bath cool bath

Another good idea for small spaces and to expand your bathroom is the use of mirrors. If your bathroom is small, you can put the main mirror larger than usual to give the feeling of spaciousness.The dimension of the mirror that is usually installed, is the one that does not exceed the dimensions of the sink to the width and allows an adult to achieve reflection in the mirror without major problems.

Well, today I suggest you install a mirror with the traditional dimensions in terms of width, but in terms of height, put it until it touches the sky/roof. Dare you to innovate with something like this? (look at the next picture)

green bathroom small-bath-with-shower Bath wooden bath pop bath

Doorless Showers

The current trend, you can see in the most modern hotels, is that there are no doors in the showers, but only a wall or glass, which covers and protects the other elements of the bathroom from the water.

no door with stones shower small-bath bath with glass and stones Blue Bathroom

Don’t forget that the choice of the shower faucet is not a minor one. There are many types on the market, you must choose one that pleases you and that allows you to meet the needs of your family.For example, if you have a baby, your best (and only) option may be to have a telephone type shower, which allows you to replace the conventional bathtub and use a baby bath to overlay it in your shower.

These are small details that make our life easier and allow us to make our daily life compatible in a reduced space, but at the same time very functional.

Open Glass Door small white bathroom

There are other trends in modern bathroom designs with shower, in which there are no closing elements. Do not try to do this in your home without the advice of an expert, as it requires a gap in the floor to drain the water properly.

Bath without door

When we talk about modern small bathrooms with shower, we automatically have to think about the minimalist concept “less is more”. Observe in the photograph below how simple it is to decorate with the minimum and that with few adornments we can make a pleasant and welcoming space.

small bath

Still can’t find your dream design? Let’s continue to see examples of showers without doors. You’ll soon find it!

grey bath cool green modern bath

We know that apartments are getting smaller every day, especially when we make the decision to live in a big city like a capital.However, the fact that the spaces are reduced, should not be an impediment to enjoy our home as much as possible.One of the solutions we have to expand our bathrooms is to replace a bathtub with a shower; it allows the visual space to be expanded. This happens even though the bathtub occupies the same space as the shower.

Obviously, for this type of remodeling you should get advice from an expert in bathroom modifications, so that they can suggest what is most convenient in terms of types of showers and dimensions.

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I hope you were able to notice the differences in the design of the showers we reviewed and that you can take ideas to replicate in your home. You sure found some ideas for small bathrooms with showers that you liked!

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