5 Ideas For An Original Decoration. • Your Inspiration For Your Home

Every day new ideas for decoration appear full of creativity that we can take advantage of to change the style of our house in a new way. For those who want to have an original space and for the more restless minds who want a unique and personal style in their home, we propose 5 ideas to inspire you.

Original decorative vinyls

The decorative vinyls They allow us to change the aesthetics of our rooms in a surprisingly way with high degrees of customization. There are endless original and modern vinyl designs with a wide variety of themes. From popular images that we can place with spectacular results in large dimensions on a wall. Even iconic illustrations within a myriad of themes and styles that allow us to give our environment a new air in a way that fits our tastes.

To all this we can add the possibility of create our own designs personal for a truly unique decoration. Ideal for the most creative people who can design their own decorative vinyls. To do this, they must take into account that these are composed as if they were a shadow game drawing a silhouette on the wall. A system that gives a lot of play in which our imagination is the limit.

Bring the colors to your home

With very successful results we can Paint the walls of our stay combining colors. Even within the same room we can create different environments simply by choosing different tones for different areas. All this complemented with colorful furniture will provide us with a fresh and youthful stay.

The combinations that we can create are multiple, from choosing colors within the same hue to create a harmonious contrast to using complementary colors for a more striking contrast.

Update the classic

An idea is reinvent styles more classic and integrate them into a room with modern airs where the contrast is evident. A possible combination is the union of vintage furniture with its characteristic baroque lines and solid structure as an individual element full of elegance within a modern and more informal room.

Curious details

Sometimes details can make the difference between a drab home and one full of life. For this we must take care of the details that will complete our space to fill them with a personal style.

A space that pays a lot of attention to detail is the kitchen. People who like to cook usually have dozens of utensils and tools at home to prepare their best recipes. An idea to decorate in a different way is to remove all those utensils from drawers and cabinets and make them part of the decoration.


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