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When talking about special days in people’s lives, one of those that undoubtedly becomes part of this group immediately is the one in which one marries the person one loves. Weddings are the most anticipated events in the vast majority of occasions and, of course, they can easily become the best day of all those who have lived on a personal level. For this to be possible, of course, everything that surrounds such an event will have to be arranged so that it is at the height of it.

Because if there is something that can make a wedding day unforgettable, it is planning it, which must be carried out sufficiently in advance to guarantee that it will be able to live up to expectations in all possible areas.

Nothing can be left to chance in an event of such importance and nothing should be forgotten in the face of a day in which the crucial factors are many, hence starting preparations well in advance is best.

But even so, it will be difficult to get it right if you do not take into account the latest recommendations and trends of the moment in terms of weddings, at a time when if something is not lacking in weddings, it is originality. Everything that is done, in short, will be little to give the event that special touch that is expected. So that, Let’s see these trends for weddings 2019

The farms, a true guarantor of success

For some time now, if there is something that really triumphs when celebrating a wedding, it is the farms as the ideal location.

A great example of this are the wedding estates in Mallorca, with unique and exclusive locations with which to obtain the touch of distinction of rigor in the celebration and subsequent treat or party. They are the most exclusive fincas for weddings in Mallorca, like Els Calderers or Comassema, and the custom wedding decoration services available on the island, they offer an atmosphere like no other.

Finca Comassema in Mallorca

The aforementioned Comassema estate, for example, is located in the Orient Valley and is one of the most idyllic places in which to celebrate a high-level wedding. One of the most remarkable aspects is that the decoration of this farm is very exclusive, with palm trees, couches, fountains and even a pond.

Finca Comassema in Mallorca

An authentic spectacle for the senses both day and night, where you can enjoy the event both in the daytime acts and in the subsequent night party. The Comassema wedding estate It is a reference of good taste and should be one of the options to consider when planning a wedding in Mallorca.

Like this one, many other spaces, each one with its particular characteristics, await to be chosen in order to offer all their benefits to the leading couple. Enjoying the wedding is, of course, much easier in one of these privileged locations. Let’s keep going.

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Food stations or food trucks

The wedding trends They have evolved a lot over the last few years, and if farms are one of the exponents of this, there are also many others that have been gaining a niche and that today are more in vogue than ever. Among them is one that refers directly to food, a fundamental aspect where they exist in any event of this nature and one that must be designed and planned with greater care.

Photography Thousand Decoration Ideas

This is where they are gaining prominence exponentially wedding food stations or zones, which receive this name because they are separated from each other and it is the diner who decides to go to one or the other according to their personal preferences and tastes. Even the traditional ones food trucks who visit your city on time, are also imposing themselves as a trend in the most current weddings.

They are usually bars in which a cook or waiter attends who will take care of preparing the different products at the moment. In this way, everyone can choose their food and repeat as many times as they want.

Naturally, depending on the theme of our wedding, we can customize the space where to place the food trucks or tables, adapting them to the decorative style of the same.

But the most important thing when choosing the elements that will make up the wedding ensemble and the subsequent celebration is the flexibility obtained by all parties, being able to adapt exactly to the particular requests of the bride and groom to give rise to that dream final result. Only in this way will it be possible to enjoy one hundred percent of a truly unforgettable day.

Edible gifts

Although they are still made by mere tradition, cigars for them and photo frames for them, or similar, have become outdated, obsolete. Practical gifts, more than decorative ones, are gaining ground in this sense, since, at least, the gift has a specific use for the guests beyond the mere memory that is later not remembered, on many occasions, or where it has been kept. .

And among these practical gifts, edible gifts for weddings they are at the forefront of the forefront. Details such as wines selected exclusively for the wedding, homemade or imported beers, jars of honey or homemade jam, among other edibles, are one of the most popular gifts in the world of weddings.

A forest wedding

Nature is imposed with great force as a theme or decoration for current weddings, since, as you can imagine, elements such as trees, vegetation, flowers, moss, lights and more, create the perfect setting to celebrate one of the most important days. important parts of your life.

This theme that has already become a real trend for weddings, adds a mystical and mysterious touch, as well as a fairy tale, creating the perfect setting for your wedding day. Don’t you think?

Season change

Summer continues to be the most suggestive option to choose the wedding day. Accompany the good weather and there is less risk of it raining; In addition, the days are longer and the nights are warm. But for some time now, and as they also point out in Hola magazine, there is a trend that continues to rise and gain followers: Celebrate the fall wedding.

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Of course, in terms of romance, the beginning of autumn is the perfect time. Any landscape becomes a bucolic painting, an ideal setting, as you can imagine, to celebrate your wedding.

In addition, another point in favor of this trend for weddings is that prices are usually lower, since we are not in high season.

What do you think of these wedding trends 2019? Are you going to follow any for your big day? I will be happy to read you in the comments.

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