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Would you like it renovate or redecorate the walls of your house and you don’t know where to start? If you are looking for something creative, cheap and original, this post is going to enchant you. Decor is as fun as it is cheap. Stay with this, there are thousands of elements that you can play with, and with which you can create combinations that you would never have thought of, such as cupcake pods, postcards, corks, eva foam, string, wool, pushpins… They are all homemade materials, or easy to find.

The main element to decorate is creativity. And we are sure that if you do not have it now, as soon as you read this article you will get to work. The best thing about all this is that They are DIY projects and you are going to do them yourself, no decoration traced to the millimeter bought in large stores, here we offer you 50 ideas to decorate, so that you are inspired, and put them into practice in the way, color and shape that you prefer.

For an elegant decoration, box created with sequins and silver ribbon.

With rubber band, cut out circles and glue them to form this 3D figure in the way you like best.

If you like to collect postcards, you can create such a beautiful and original painting.

Paint a canvas and decorate it with gold pins.

Decorate your walls with these simple circles, tutorial here.

If you are a globetrotter, this decoration with pieces of countries is very simple to do.

With magazine clippings, create this photo wall with the phrase that you like the most.

With very cheap materials, create these original hearts of light. Tutorial here.

Cover canvases with patterned fabrics, whichever you like best.

With tissue paper, you can create fun figures on the canvases.

With wooden sticks, create this original geometric figure. Tutorial here.

Using masking tape, zigzag the canvas. Paint the rest with gold paint or the color that you like best.

Cut out hearts from some old colored cards and glue them on canvas. If you want to raise it, stick them with adhesive foam circles.

Create this personal canvas with a phrase or song that is special to you. Tutorial here.

Using string and nails, create shapes, numbers, or letters.

Decorate in this way with the funniest photos.

If you like retro decoration, you can give it a special touch and make these wood panels.

This painting is made with pieces of wood and a lot of patience, but the result is optimal.

Patchwork. Geometric figures for head created with paper on canvas. Ideal for bedrooms.

Turn these coasters into cork wall panels.

Using shoe boxes and some paint, wrapping paper, or fabric, make modern wall shelves.

Create this box with recycled pallets.

Take advantage of the laminated flooring or parquet that you had left over and create a painting like this.

All you need is blank canvas, masking tape, colored spray, and imagination.

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A fish scale effect wall, in very few steps, tutorial here.

Decorate with cupcake wrappers on canvas painted in the color you like best.

Create this fun picture with ice cream sticks.

Pictures with fern leaves. Tutorial here.

3D paper. Its name is paper filigree or quilling in English. It is the art of rolling strips of paper into decorative designs. A whole decorative trend.

Create these fantastic photo frames with washi tape. It is a Japanese decorative zeal with thousands of different textures.

Are you a Scrabble addict? You simply need wood cut into squares, and black tape or marker.

Craft with bamboo sticks and a round mirror base.

Decorate a piece of cardboard with cross stitches.

Crafts with embroidery frame. Instead of embroidery, modern letters have been painted.

Build this floral garland as a guest book. Each sheet contains a message from a friend. Ideal for birthdays, or commemorative parties.

Decorate a mirror with clothespins. Stick them with silicone or glue.

Draw geometric figures with nuts and rivets, you can create a very avant-garde painting. In hardware stores you will find endless items that serve you.

Decoration with thumbtacks, if you want you can paint them with nail polish.

With fabric pompoms, you can decorate the entrance for example, it is very original.

Using toilet paper rolls, shape shapes and creatively decorate walls.

If you don’t have room for a Christmas tree, this is a pretty original way to put one up.

Create this fantastic painting with glue rope and paint. Tutorial here.

Frame made of recycled cork stoppers. Precious, right?

Original heart made with nails and colored wool or rope. Tutorial here.

With paper pinocchio, decorate letters in this simple way. Tutorial here.

Have you ever created a kiss painting? This is your chance. Original and fun.

Vertical gardens, a whole decorative trend for the home. Tutorial here.

Creative wall decoration with wool. Give it a splash of color with these easy steps. Tutorial here.

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