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It’s a shame, but surely you don’t even know what to do with those CDs that you have saved and that you no longer use for years thanks to the unstoppable advancement of technology. Well, if you already have all the music passed to new devices, here we present you 8 brilliant ideas to decorate with recycled CDs. Not much is needed, old CDs, scissors and glue.

Source | pushtheotherbutton

1. Decorate a table top with CDs.

2. Decorate a vase with CDs.

Source | makeiteasycrafts.com

3. Decorate a mirror frame with CDs.

4. Another antique table decorated with recycled CDs.

Source | thoughtsofanauticalgirl

5. Original coasters created with CDs.

Source | craftsbyamanda.com

6. Create a wall clock with recycled CDs.

Source | etsy.com

7. Decorate a tissue dispenser with CDs.

Source | Emryssa innes

8. Decorate a door with CDs.

Source | Marina Baskin


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