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Recently a friend asked me for advice to change the decoration of her living room, with the added disadvantage that, like most mortals, the change had to be low cost.

After talking to her and recommending a paint change, we focused on the main and bulkiest piece of furniture in a living room. The couch.

Obviously changing it for a new one was not in his plans, but a cover that changed its appearance and color was within the budget.

The problem now was that he didn’t know which cover to choose. So we sat down and we were looking at various models, and in each one I was telling him what that cover, that color and that design would bring to the decoration of his living room.

If you also want to change the look of your sofa and the decoration of your living room, keep with me that I have prepared 9 elastic sofa covers with which you will be able to do it, and, if you have doubts about what color to choose, calm down, that you also I solve them.

We start:

Smooth and gray

Elastic cover from the store GiveHome

If you do not want risks and are looking for a safe option, a plain cover in a medium gray tone, like the one we see above these lines is the perfect model.

Gray is a neutral color, which allows you to combine it with any other without any problem, whether in cushions or wall colors.

If you want to see covers in other shades of gray, you can do so by clicking here.

Elastic cover from the store GiveHome

Not only for a sofa, of course you also have it available for a chaise loungue, regardless of which side the chaise loungue is on.

As I said, an elastic cover in gray tones is always a safe bet.

Let’s see another.

Broken whites and raw tones

Elastic cover from the store GiveHome

A cover in off-white or off-white will make your living room seem brighter.

Trust me, you will notice the difference, especially if you have a dark sofa, the change is going to be radical.

White is the color that reflects the highest percentage of sunlight. A cover in these colors can completely transform how you see your living room.

Let’s move on to the next one:


Elastic cover from the store GiveHome

An elastic cover for your sofa in beige tones will also make your living room brighter, as I said before, especially if your sofa is dark.

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But, in addition, unlike the white cover that we saw before, a beige cover will also add an extra warmth to the unmatched space.

Earth tones, among which beige is found, are the warmest colors out there. If you want to add an injection of warmth to your living room to make it more cozy, an elastic cover, which is easy to put on, take off and inexpensive, will do it, believe me.

Brown cover

Elastic cover from the store GiveHome

A brown cover will give your sofa and living room a sophisticated and sober touch. Brown, especially in its darker tones, is an extremely elegant color, as well as warm.

The sensation when changing the color of your sofa for a brown one is one of sobriety and elegance. You can transform an outdated sofa into a classy one by adding a cover in this color.

Here you can see some cushions that go with a brown sofa.

Let’s continue with more covers.

A cover in terracotta color

Elastic cover from the store GiveHome

Plain covers aside and getting into something stronger, I have two covers to present to you that can work very well in your living room, if you want an injection of color.

The first is this beautiful elastic cover in terracotta or tile color that we see above these lines.

A trend color that, in addition to being warm and natural in character, as it comes from red clay, is also elegant and attractive.

But the best of all is that, although it is a powerful color, it can also be combined very well. So it is an almost safe bet.

It combines with wood in all its tones, with all neutral tones, with beige and earth colors and complements very well with cold ones, such as blues or greens so, as I said, it is an almost safe bet, You can learn more about the terracotta color here.

Elastic cover in Ultra Violet color

Elastic cover from the store GiveHome

As you well know, since Pantone designated Ultra Violet as the color of the year last year, it has come to the fore and has become one of the most desired colors.

Although being honest, it is not necessary for Pantone to say that purple is beautiful and a very attractive color to be honest.

If it seems too powerful, opt for a smooth elastic cover in a softer shade of purple, almost lilac, to create a more serene and sweetened atmosphere in your living room and thus be able to continue enjoying the beautiful purple and the spectacular change that it will give your sofa, but without reloading the space.

Elastic cover from the store GiveHome

My favorite. I fondly remember how my mother took care of the decoration of my house when we were little and how on a tight budget she did wonders.

And I especially remember once he redecorated the living room with four hardwoods and put some navy blue elastic covers on the old sofas and the change was spectacular.

It may have been because of that moment, but the fact is that I have a special affection for navy blue for its inherent benefits and for the natural elegance that this color brings, so an elastic cover in this beautiful color cannot be missing from this list.

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In addition, as we saw in this article, you have many cushions and combinations of them to combine with a navy blue sofa and redouble its elegance.

Bohemian Pattern

Elastic cover from the store GiveHome

One of the most cutting-edge styles of the moment is boho. Not the bohemian classic of a few decades ago, but a more refined and elegant style.

If you wear it in your living room, this cover in an intricate multicolored geometric pattern will make your sofa fit perfectly with this attractive and explosive style.

As you can see, you have elastic covers to renew your sofa regardless of the style you look in your home. Here I have presented some models that can work very well from what I have been telling you about each case, but if you have in mind another case color or another style that does not appear, leave a comment that I will be happy to help you and recommend you.

You can also see this catalog of cheap and quality sofas.


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