A Beautiful Nordic Apartment With A Vintage Soul • Your Inspiration For Your Home

If it weren’t for the personality and vintage style of the furniture that dresses this Nordic floor, it would be one more. Beautiful, elegant, but one more at the end of the day. But it is, as I say, thanks to the fact that vintage furniture dominates the space, that this home acquires its own personality. Identity that combines the traditional Scandinavian beauty with class and a marked own style that give pieces of furniture of this style.

A large, bright living-dining room, without curtains that obstruct the entrance of natural light, where most of the pieces that furnish it are from the 50s, giving it presence and a lot of style. Look at the spectacular wooden sideboard, or the coquettish waitress in the corner as a side table, or the sofa upholstered in vintage-style blue or … Any piece, be it furniture or decorative that dresses the living room. They all seem to want to tell a story.

In the dining area, a bay window system welcomes a semicircular table with the elegant Series 7 chairs by Arne Jacobsen, also Mid Century, to match the rest of the furniture in the house; while on the wall opposite the sofa, an imposing system of flown shelves, collects a hundred books, creating a bright and minimalist reading corner, without superfluous noise.

In the main bedroom, unlike the living room, the walls are painted in a soft gray; otherwise, the same style reigns: the spectacular vintage furniture shines on a purely Scandinavian background, all bathed in the traditional and characteristic light of these countries.

From the main bedroom, there is also access to the second bedroom, which in this case is prepared as a children’s bedroom, for two small guests.

Simple, with a serene and very adult color palette, we also find exquisite period furniture and elegant canopies in linen, very elegant and stylish, despite being childlike.

Seen the main spaces, it remains to take a look at the kitchen and bathroom, which breathe the same vintage / Scandinavian air as the whole house.

A SMEG oven with a signature aesthetic in stainless steel is the only appliance in sight, in a vintage-style kitchen, with subway-type tiles, steel worktop and white cabinets with gray painted fronts. Traditionally Scandinavian, traditionally vintage.

In the bathroom, the traditional elements such as the tile, sink, toilet and bathtub have been preserved and it has been modernized with a matt black hexagonal tile for the floor, as well as with the taps for the toilets.

This wonderful apartment is located in Stockholm, it has an area of ​​85 square meters, and we can see more details of it in Bjurfors.


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