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How many games of table football have we played with friends in game rooms and bars. It is a game that both adults and children like, there are even people who turn professional. If space allows it and you are lucky enough to have a games room in your home that houses classics such as billiards, table football or air hockey, this post is sure to interest you.

As you can see in the photo, it is a design table football, of which only 99 units have been manufactured in France, one limited edition of a luxury table football. Why do we say luxury? Well, among other things, because this little game gem has the black lacquered wooden legs a transparent and green glass top and the dolls and bars as well as details on the two goals are gold plated.

It is a design table football that can be placed both in the game room and display it in the middle of your living room as if it were a precious piece of furniture. That if you can afford it, because you have to spend € 15,453 to have this gem in your home. If you want the cheapest version in which the gold plating disappears to give way to the chrome, you have to spend a little less, € 12,362.

Without a doubt, every football fan will know how to value the design of a model like this, but how many games can you play with that price in a game room?

Anyway, if anyone is interested in this luxury table football to play and decorate your home, that you know that you can buy it at PortobelloStreet, and if you enter this code PRT8841CGP You will get a 2% discount on the total purchase.


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