A Hybrid Sofa, For People And With A Tunnel For Cats. • Your Inspiration For Your Home

Of the tens of millions of people who live in Spain, the majority, in addition to living together as a family, also do so with their pets, the most common are dogs and cats, and based on this the Korean designer Seungji Mun has been inspired to create this hybrid sofa with a tunnel with recesses for cats.

The sofa is obviously hybrid because it is designed and adapted so that you sit down, lie down to take a nap, watch TV or whatever you want and so that your beloved kittens come in, go out, run, play, sleep and do what you want all of this in the same furniture combining space.

What do you think of the idea as a space saving solution? In my opinion, more than saving space, it seems like a good idea because you have the sofa that you have, the cat gets on it, so it is better to have one that we both feel comfortable. But as a solution to save space, which is what its designer wants to sell us, it doesn’t seem so good to me.

Here I leave you with the images of how and with what he has made this hybrid sofa for cats and people.


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