A Modern And Designer Bethlehem Portal • Your Inspiration For Your Home

The truth is that I have never liked putting the Christmas nativity sceneIt seems like too much work for a few days and I don’t like classic and old figures. But I must admit that when I have seen this precious Modern and designer Christmas nativity scene from the Alessi firm, I have already imagined in my head where in my house I want to put it.

This Nativity scene is modern, small but very decorative, original and easy to take off and put on, even if you hurry me I leave it all year.

As you can see this is the typical scene in the Bethlehem portal with the baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph. They all have a smiling face that brings a lot of joy, that’s a detail that I really liked.

For those who know you little and like to ride the Christmas nativity scene in full, know that you have all the figures that accompany the Nativity scene available. Shepherds, sheep, Magi and other figures, you have them to match if you want. And you can also choose the color between red and white.See more details or buy >>


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