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As much as the decorative trends in furniture change to furnish the living room, we will always need furniture where we can keep and organize our devices such as TV, mini-chain, DVD, movies, etc. And I say this, because lately in modern living rooms you no longer see the typical piece of furniture that occupies an entire wall full of drawers and cabinets. Now the new trend in terms of living room furniture is to choose minimalist furniture that are aesthetically very beautiful, but not practical in many cases. Since most do not offer us enough storage spaces to organize all our appliances and other objects.

And today we have found a piece of furniture that combines the two characteristics that I have mentioned, on the one hand it is a modern, minimalist furniture (within what fits) and practical, with several holes and storage spaces to organize all our objects.

The furniture has a hole for the TV, and underneath with three shelves to be able to put devices such as DVD, consoles, DTT, etc. On one of its sides we find a practical shelf to put books, films, CDs and other objects. To this shelf you have to add two other horizontal shelves at the top to be able to store even more objects. And at the bottom, it has two other holes to place for example two speakers, and a large closet in the middle for other items.

To all this we must add its design, with straight, simple and minimalist lines in two colors, black and white, which makes it a furniture as well as very practical, modern. In short, for those who were looking for the elegance of a modern piece of furniture and the practicality that an old one offers, this is the perfect piece of furniture. Maximum performance in a piece of furniture that does not overload the environment thanks to its size and design.

It also has a really attractive price, It only costs € 259, and can be paid in 3 or 10 convenient installments if we are interested.

See more details or buy this TV cabinet.


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