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Sometimes a simple positive message It can change our mood and turn a bad day into a wonderful day, thus increasing our motivation and inspiration when it comes to undertaking a new task at home, work or social. I believe in this so much, that there are days when I write an inspiring phrase or a mantra in the same hand to remind myself how beautiful life is. And it is not that we have changed the theme of the blog, it is that to show you the following decorative article that we bring you today, it seemed appropriate to start the post with those words. And today we bring you a Decorative mantra for the wall which, in addition of course to decorate the wall with great style, will constantly remind us of a very valuable positive phrase that reads like this: “Do what you love, love that you do.” The message is in English and its translation is: “Do what you love. Love what you do”.

A fundamental appointment in our lives with the most attractive and modern style suitable for any room in the home, but especially for the study room or work office. East Decorative mantra is made of metal, but its installation is very simple since it has several tips that are easily nailed into the wall. Its price is € 30 and we have found it on Curiosite. You can get more information clicking here >>


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