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The Barcelona company, Iluro reforms is responsible for this reform of a duplex penthouse located in Mataró, which we are going to see below. A reform in which the objective was to make the most of the surfaces and minimize their losses, to gain space and let the light flood every corner, making it one of the protagonists of the house, as we will see below. A modern, current home, with quality materials and finishes.

Reformation and photography Reformas Iluro

Each square meter has been optimized by adjusting the exact surface in each space according to the required use, creating spacious, clean areas, without superfluous noise, achieving a minimalist but close and warm space thanks to the natural light reaching every corner of the house without obstacles, as in the main space, consisting of the living room with kitchenette that we see below.

Reformation and photography Reformas Iluro

Delimited and defined without raising partitions thanks to a modernist style hydraulic floor in cream and aqua green tones that gives a subtle nuance of color to the entire area, the kitchen integrates perfectly into the space without subtracting light and making the living room copper depth as there are no walls or other vertical delimitations beyond the kitchen furniture itself and a half wall.

Reformation and photography Reformas Iluro

The kitchen, with a minimalist and modern character, without overhead cabinets, is equipped with state-of-the-art appliances, a large hood with enormous extraction capacity and with high-quality white lacquered finishes, both on the furniture and on the window sill that covers protect the wall. Straight, clean lines dominate, thus enhancing the refined and clean style of the entire home.

To give warmth and closeness to the space, a framework of solid natural wood beams and a wood-quality parquet floor have been installed, in addition to painting the walls in a soft earth tone that serves two objectives:

Painting the walls in this color creates a cozy and warm atmosphere, as I said, since it is a color that is in the hot part of the chromatic circle. But this color also makes the space look and feel brighter since it makes the white stand out more from the rest of the surfaces thanks to the contrast of colors.

Reformation and photography Reformas Iluro

To reach the night area, the bedrooms and the bathroom, also renovated, the team designed a minimalist metal staircase covered in wood with, in the absence of installing, a glass railing so as not to obstruct the light in no area of ​​the house and that natural light can flow freely through all dimensions of the house.

In this area, the walls were painted immaculate white to match the doors and wooden skirting boards that, together with the metallic carpentry also in white lacquered, enhance the light, guide it and distribute it to every corner of the house.

Reformation and photography Reformas Iluro

The warmth of this area is provided, in addition to the parquet quality wood flooring, the original beams of the time. Beams that have been rescued and left views, such as the one we see above these lines that runs throughout the corridor, as well as those in the main bedroom, among others. A structural element that, once rescued, makes the whole house acquire soul and personality by endowing it with history.

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Reformation and photography Reformas Iluro

The master bedroom, spacious, bright and welcoming, with individual air conditioning system and LED lighting, as in the whole house, becomes a perfect blank canvas, to create a unique space, with a serene base and with character.

Despite the fact that the maxim of this project was to get the most out of its shell, its envelope, optimizing every square centimeter, as we can see, the team paid special attention to every detail, introducing small and successful surprises in the form of finishes, contrasts or materials that achieve a serene and professional contemplative experience.

You can visit their website to see more details of this and other projects or follow them on their Instagram to see more photos of the reforms they are doing.


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