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The stains on the walls they have always been a real headache when cleaning them. And it is that no matter how good the paint is or no matter how washable its manufacturer tells us it is, until now few traditional paintings (if not any) are really 100% washable. But that is history, because the Jotun brand has launched a 100% washable paint on the market uncomplainingly”. A painting that gives us the Absolute confidence in being able to clean food stains, scratches, splashes, … 100% in an easy and fast way.The painting in question is Majestic Resist of Jotun.

This painting stain repellent, scuff resistant and washable. Is a childproof washable paint. It is recommended for kitchens, corridors, stairs and children’s rooms where there is a much greater chance of staining the walls, although that does not mean that it cannot be used in other parts of the house. And since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are the spots that the Jotun brand has created for this painting, where we can see children painting the walls with markers and staining them with meatballs and just by wiping a damp cloth the stain disappears without leave no trace.

More information: JOTUN.


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