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Hi there!, I’m Katie I want to tell you a little about myself, so that you know who is behind this project and the how and why of it. I hope you like it and that you feel like gossiping around here and participating in some activities that I have prepared.

I am an engineer and I am specialized in gardening and landscaping. I started in the world of gardening as a child, hand in hand with my grandmother in her garden in the mountains. She would put a hat and gloves on me, give me a basket and we would go out to remove weeds, prune, transplant, cuttings, or cut flowers for the whole family to take home; lilacs, roses, mimosas… or whatever was there at the time.
She taught me everything she knew, and by her side I discovered the wonders of gardening, not only planting, growing and flowering plants, but also enjoying the birds singing, breathing the fresh air and respecting and appreciating what nature has to offer. And although it was not until years later that I considered making gardening my profession, it has always been a fundamental part of my life, plants have accompanied me wherever I have gone. Yes, if you have ever seen a crazy woman on the train with a suitcase in one hand and a pot in the other, it was me ?

Today I continue to enjoy my grandmother’s garden, mine and many others around me, all of them full of moments, love, laughter and a lot of work, as well as anecdotes and stories that I would like to share with you.

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