Adhesive Vinyls Of Two Mythical Video Games. Mario Bros And Space Invaders • Your Inspiration For Your Home

These games were invented decades ago, Mario Bros is still being updated to reach audiences these days. Space Invaders, as we knew it, was obsolete many years ago. But these two video games marked an era and have become an icon of video games.

Today we bring you two decorative adhesive vinyls of these two games so that you can recreate a real game on the wall of your living room, room or place where you place them.

The adhesive vinyl of Super Mario BrosIt comes with everything you need to recreate an authentic game as it would be seen on the console.

Separated into several vinyls so that you can put them as you want, in the package we find 24 vinyls in which you can find Mario, Luigi, 2 mushrooms, one red and one green, two turtles, 4 brown mushrooms, 3 coins, 2 question boxes, 4 bricks, 1 culvert, and 2 elongated grass and sand bases. Come on, all the necessary elements to capture in your living room an authentic scene of this mythical video game.

See more details of the Super Mario Bros vinyl.

Wall sticker Space Invaders.

The Space invaders adhesive vinyl includes 8 stickers of which 6 are Martians in different colors: Red, green, pink and blue. It also includes a tank, a ship, and missiles. Like the previous one, you have everything you need to recreate a mythical game on any wall in your house.

See more details of the Space Invaders vinyl.


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