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Today we want to present you Aquaclean® Technology, a revolutionary technique to treat tissues that allows you to clean stains with just a little water. Unlike other liquid repellants, Aquaclean not only repels, but also acts as facilitator cleaning stains, greatly simplifying the process.

Don’t worry about stains, all of them!

Aquaclean is so effective that even if the stain is dry and has been on the fabric for several days, rubbing it with water will remove it completely. In some types of stains that can be resisted, it is also recommended to use a little neutral soap that will save you efforts when the stain goes away.

At present there have been no no domestic stain that Aquaclean has resisted: sauces, shoe polish, hot and cold liquids, soft drinks, cakes… Aquaclean has passed remarkably laboratory tests, even against extreme stains like permanent markers.

Aquaclean Group is in charge of the entire process of design, development, manufacture and distribution of fabrics for applications

various. Our innovative fabric has different applications such as upholstery for sofas or vertical decoration like japanese panels, blinds, etc. that offer a wide range of possibilities that can be will customize to the maximum for each of our clients.

Enter in the sofa simulator from its website and you can make thousands of combinations until you find the one that best suits your home.

These fabrics can now be purchased in more than 1,000 stores throughout Spain and we can find our closest decorator from their list of distributors.

But what exactly is Acua Clean?

AcuaClean is far from being a simple layer that repels liquids. Fabrics treated with Aquaclean® technology resist staining, not just liquids, and can be cleaned, days later to drop the stain, with a simple rubbing with water.

It is a fabric protection from the moment of manufacture, so using these textiles in upholstery, blinds, and the like, lengthens the useful life of the product, which means a reduction in costs, both in cleaning and maintenance and in the time that we can continue enjoying them.

Aquaclean, bet on the future.

At Aquaclean they actively contribute to improving society and the environment, and are aware of the importance of contributing their grain of sand by helping those most disadvantaged, through volunteer actions and how generators of employment and wealth.

At Aquaclean Group they allocate an important part of their human and economic resources to minimize the environmental impact of our industries, because they are concerned about the Environment and Sustainability.

Most of its brands have obtained the certification “MADE IN GREEN”. A green seal of quality granted by the Textile Technological Institute (AITEX), which guarantees that all their products They have been made free of harmful substances, respecting the Environment and the Human Rights of the workers.

More information at: AquaClean.


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