Avoid Doubts When Choosing A Color With These 3 Simple Tips. • Your Inspiration For Your Home

The most difficult step in painting a house is choosing the color, even if you have a precise idea of ​​what you want or even exactly that color in your head, there are always doubts that they will create you confusion when choosing color.

These doubts and confusion can send the entire house painting project to ruin, but there are some simple tips to follow when choosing, which will make you decide without fear of being wrong, dispelling any feeling of doubt or confusion.

1. Make paint samples:

Even if you have seen the color in a color chart, in the paint pot, even in another place with the walls painted in that color, there is nothing better than asking for a sample to be made, taking it home and paint a piece next to a door and a window, as they are the two elements with which the painting of the walls will have to coexist. In this way you will know in a much more precise way if it is really that color you want.

2. Take into account the lighting:

Suppose you wanted to paint the walls a dark color, okay, why not? Well, for example, because the room is scarce of light and that color would make it smaller and less luminous still, and even if we have a sample made as we have said in tip number one, we would not know the total scope until the room is painted. of that color. Therefore, even having the light color, even having made a sample, another factor to take into account is the light that the place to be painted will receive. If you get plenty of light and want dark colors, go for it! But if it does not receive hardly any light, it is better to choose warm and bright colors.

3. Take into account the personality:

Not yours, but the place you want to paint. Keep in mind that each space in a house is destined for a very different purposeFor this reason, it is not the same to paint a bedroom in intense red than a wall in the living room of the same color. In addition to the other two previous tips, you always have to take into account what is the task or tasks that we are going to perform in that room. Is it a reading room? why not choose a calm and bright color. I explain?

If you take into account these 3 simple tips or to say it in a somewhat more sophisticated way, these 3 rules, rest assured that always it will match the paint color of your house. And something very important is that, if after painting you do not like it or have doubts, do not be overwhelmed, it is not the end of the world, just paint over it and problem solved.


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