Avoid The Corrosion Of Your Metallic Objects And Beautify Your Furniture With The Antioxidant Enamel OXIRON TITAN • Your Inspiration For Your Home

Enjoying the best antioxidant protection on the market is easy with the OXIRON TITAN range of products.

There is a TITAN brand enamel with which it is possible to paint directly on the oxide, achieving a surprising result.

OXIRON TITAN is an antioxidant product with a great anticorrosive effect and an unbeatable resistance to the elements. Also highlight its greater covering capacity, avoiding the uncomfortable dripping of the product. All of these features have been proven in tough laboratory tests. But it is best to try it yourself. Different users have corroborated its surprising results, which can be seen in the following photos.

Use tips:

A second coat of product can be applied once the surface is dry to the touch, without having to wait several hours as with other antioxidant enamels. Use it to:

– Get a fantastic forging effect on iron surfaces

– Paint the radiators with a plain color

– Get a hammered finish

– Beautify all types of structures and surfaces that are difficult to adhere to.

– Remove any remaining dirt, grease, poorly adhered rust and coatings of any type of metallic object.

You can now get the maximum antioxidant protection, with the full guarantee of the TITAN paint manufacturer. OXIRON TITAN is available in containers of various sizes or also in spray format, with a wide range of 38 colors and 4 finishes to choose from.

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