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1 de November de 2020 by Katie

With the accelerated pace that we currently have in this life, it is necessary to have our moments of relaxation, and one of the best moments to relax is when we take a bath. Surely you all know the bathtub trays. In them we can put soap, salts, oils, a glass of wine … Today …

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We are witnessing a change in the way of conceiving current bathrooms. The total set is still being valued, but each time the individual elements take on more prominence; more attention is paid to detail, highlighting more each element of the bathroom, declaring that each piece has the same importance as the whole or the …

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Every time I see in some store freestanding bathtubs They make me want to buy one, and they give the bathroom such an elegant and sophisticated touch … The problem is that like most, if I put a freestanding bathtub I wouldn’t even be able to open the bathroom door. But truth be told, the …

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The name may be a bit scary, or not very striking, but it is the most appropriate way to call this so original bathtub stopper. You see what it is about, a doll, which has a metal cord tied, which in turn is tied to the cap. And every time you take a bath and …

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