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The black kitchens They are timeless, but today, more than ever, they are in fashion: they are trend. Still, it is understandable that doubts arise when faced with such a daring challenge; but, if it is designed properly, doubts dissipate and envy appears. The envy of your guests when they see the spectacular and unique black kitchen that you have installed.

And it is that black kitchens have a strong and daring personality, they are rare, inherently elegant and modern and, as we will see next, they can be combine with other colors and materials such as white and wood, among others, to create true works of art worthy of admiration. So are you looking for inspiration to design a black kitchen? Here you have inspiration.

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Black kitchens Black kitchens with wood Black and white kitchens

Matte black kitchens

Black kitchens

HDR Designer Layout

Completely black, even with the Eames chairs and the Tulip table in matt black, smooth, almost seamless. A very modern kitchen finished off with the Aim LED pendant lamps by Flos, which we can buy here.

Kvik kitchens

A huge kitchen in black with a wall, the one with the windows, painted in earth tones and the kitchen countertops and island in black. Extremely elegant and current.

Photography Tine Witnes

Open to the living room, with all the furniture and cabinets in black including the kitchen island with the white countertop. Precious.

Design by Panda Fox Studio

In matte black, with the sill also in the same tone, contrasting with the light wood floor and the gloss black top.

Cooking and photography Emilie Olsen

Completely black, except for the fine white countertop, and as a third color, wood on the floor. A contemporary kitchen with straight and simple lines brimming with style.

Ebstone Kitchens Kitchen

In this other black kitchen, it has been chosen to leave the walls almost free of cabinets, achieving greater fluidity and visual lightness.

Black kitchens with wood

Design by Poliform Australia

As we well know, there are many types of wood, not only light wood is useful, more suitable for Nordic environments.

With the front of the lower and left cabinets in silky matte black, leaving the worktop and cabinets above it in warm wood, finishing and framing the kitchen with a row of black cabinets on top. Matching appliances, also in black.

Moldunova kitchen

All in a dark wood tone, almost black, but without being it, and with a bar on the kitchen island in natural wood, designed by the Moldunova firm, creating an attractive and modern contrast with the dark tones that dominate the kitchen black.

Cooking and Photography by No Glitter No Glory

This other black kitchen has even the walls painted in matt black, without tiles, leaving the countertop to add wood.

Kitchen and Interior Photography By Kathe

In addition to the countertop, it is the matte black leather cabinet handles that add contrast and decoration. The flooring in light wood tones also helps and is part of the scene.

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Design by Julia Sultanova

This kitchen combines, along with the deep matt black that dominates the space, light wood tones, in the front and on the table, and a soft gray tone in the work part of the kitchen itself. A successful palette and suitable materials to achieve one of the most beautiful black kitchens.

Black and white kitchens

There are many colors that combine with black, above all, without a doubt, is the color white. Whether for a bedroom, living room or kitchen, black and white will always commune in an intimate and successful communion. Therefore, if a completely black kitchen is perhaps too excessive, white is an option that you should consider to combine said black. Let’s look at some very well accomplished examples of black and white kitchens.

Frigidaire cooking and photography

A low cost black and white kitchen. Well the kitchen is not low cost, but the implementation of colors can be, as we see in the kitchen above these lines. The front of the cabinets have been painted black and the rest white. With paint, only, a kitchen of the most current has been achieved.

Design by The Good Guys

This kitchen is whiter than black, but black has been known to add stylishly, especially to the front kitchen tiles.

Kitchen and photography Urrutia Design

Elegant with lacquered black perfectly complements with white this other kitchen with concrete countertop on the island. Discover the types and tips for installing a concrete or concrete countertop.

Photo ShutterStock

It is not entirely white, but the gray is so light that it seemed appropriate to put it in this category.

Photo ShutterStock

Another very modern black and white kitchen with a running U-shaped worktop.

Photo ShutterStock

What an ingenious way to create a black and white kitchen. The oven, the front and the hood in black, right in the middle, as a vertical border.

Photo ShutterStock

Black and white or black and white? Does it matter when the result is a kitchen that looks so modern that it looks like the future? Discover the kitchen of the future.

Photo ShutterStock

A nice bright black and white modern kitchen with a kitchen front full of floral flourishes.

Matte black kitchens.

Photo ShutterStock

In the two tones, gloss and matte, black behaves the same. Always elegant. But it seems that matte is gaining ground to gloss these days. Let’s see some matt black kitchens to inspire us.

Photo ShutteStock

Simple, almost minimalist and very bright, this other matt black kitchen.

Santos Kitchen Photography

Elegant and very modern this kitchen in silk black, but with a touch of simplicity that captivates, right? This beautiful kitchen is from the Santos firm.

Design by Jean Regauer

In deep black matte, an enveloping color and texture, combined with the white of the kitchen island, which also has a black countertop.

Cooking and Photography Bigger Than The Three Of Us

It is not a deep black that absorbs a lot of light, which is why it seems almost anthracite gray, which this kitchen looks like, in a matte finish, contrasting with the traditional white subway tiles.

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They are not usually very common, despite the charm they have, what do you think? Would you wear a black kitchen, or are you more of white kitchens? I read you in the comments.


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