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The borders are timeless decorative elements, they are very old but they have not gone out of style nor will they go out of style. And if we know how to combine them well and choose the right one, they leave an amazing finish.

There are many types of borders, in wood, in tile, in marble, but in this post we will talk about paper borders. More specifically of the adhesives.

There are adhesive borders that can be painted, they are pasted on the wall and then you paint them, they have a rough touch, as if it were sandpaper.

There are also adhesive borders that simply stick on the wall and do not need to be painted, they have a smooth touch like a sticker.

If we want a rustic atmosphere and we have painted with some type of paint such as Florentine Lands, Atmosphere, etc., the best are the adhesive borders that can be painted, the ones that have a touch of sandpaper. These are purchased in any paint or decoration store, having catalogs to choose the design that we like the most.

There are several ways to put these borders, although they can be painted, there is not necessarily why to paint them, sometimes they are better without doing it, if that is the result we want, we will put the border after the wall is painted. And if instead we want to paint it, we will first put the border and then we will paint the wall together with the border.

The border that can be painted, having a touch like sandpaper and being gray and white, it does not matter if we paint it the same color as the wall, it is designed to create the touch of distinction, the colors will not look the same on the wall than in the border, highlighting the latter.

The borders that cannot be painted, we can choose from many models, childish, avant-garde, rustic, with drawings, with letters, there are countless of them, they are not like the borders that can be painted, their repertoire is not so wide. Well, depending on the color or colors that we have chosen and also taking into account the room or place to be painted, we will choose the border. If we are going to paint a children’s room, we can choose borders of their favorite drawings, such as Hanna Montana, Barbie, monsters SA, SpongeBob, and an endless number of decorative borders for children.

The option of putting a border, I recommend it when we put two colors on the same wall, making a distinctive barrier between them.

There are also borders that are a template, we glue it to the wall and paint the holes they have and then we peel it off, leaving a perfect drawing.

How to place an adhesive border.

Placing an adhesive border is very simple, we only need a meter and a pencil, pen, marker or something to mark a few simple marks, better if it is a pencil because then the mark can be easily removed.

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Let’s imagine that we are going to put the border in a room.

We take a meter and measure in a corner of the room from the floor 1’10 cm and make a small mark.

Now we make another mark in the middle of the wall also 1’10cm from the ground.

Then we make another mark in another corner, and so on until we have skirted the entire room.

We already have the room measured so that the border is straight, the measurement that I have told you is 1’10 cm because more or less is the height that they usually put, but you can put the height that you choose it does not matter, it depends of everyone’s taste.

Ok now let’s put the border:

The adhesive border comes on a roll.

We grab one end of the roll and place it on the mark we had made.

We unroll about two meters or so and remove the plastic from the back of the border so that the part that sticks is exposed.

We are gluing the roll as we are unrolling, adjusting it to the marks we made. We will do this until we border the entire room. And we already have the border in place.

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