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It may seem a bit drastic, but if we want to save on our electricity bill, we could start turning it off and using candles, right? Taking into account the beautiful result that we can obtain when use candles to light the house and the economic savings that we will notice in our pockets, no …

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We have seen on another occasion products for the home of the Pantone company such as porcelain cups. Today we expand the catalog of home accessories from the Pantone brand with some of the most original and decorative scented candles. They are candles that fit into any decoration thanks to their wide catalog of colors. …

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The Belgian firm specializing in scented candles and designer diffusers, Baobab, has regrouped scented candles, within different collections with “scents for different types of mother”, becoming a very special gift for Mother’s Day, both for the product itself, since the firm’s candles have a stylized and aesthetic care, as per the concept of the “mother …

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