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7 de November de 2020 by Katie

When I see furniture, shelves, caves, beds, scrapers, bridges and other furniture of attractive design, to buy for my cat, I can assure you that I like them more than when I have to buy a piece of furniture for myself. Even at times, I pay more attention to the furniture than she does, who …

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Now that the trend of decorate with plants It is booming, you may have decided to add a plant to your decoration. But, if in your house there is a hairy one with 4 legs, you should know which plants are dangerous for them, like these 15 toxic plants for dogs and cats, and also …

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The Italian firm Alessi presents some The most decorative and modern cat feeders. On another occasion we already showed you some designer dog bowls also by Alessi. This time we wanted to highlight this chic cat feeder among its fantastic designs. It is made of thermoplastic resin with stainless steel details, has two bowls with …

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We bring you two sources for cats that are highly recommended for your pets because they are easy to use for them, very easy to clean and beneficial for both the pet and his friend. It is a convenience because it will save you from having to change your pet’s water daily. With these sources …

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To satisfy the customer, the builders every day try harder and create houses with more comforts for us, the architect Asahi Kasei goes further, it is not satisfied only with the comfort of us, but also with that of our pets. That is why he has created a circuit for cats inside the house, and …

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