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It must be recognized that although classic furniture Their sinuous curves seem to us to say it somehow old and we do not know how to fit them in our houses today, it is these pieces of furniture that make the most impression. Perhaps it is because of the aura that permeates them, evoking memories of luxury homes of yesteryear of princes and princesses where high society met. That’s what I thought as soon as I saw this precious Capitone White Laquer sofa.

There is little to say about him, a picture is worth a thousand words in this case. But if just seeing it impresses, when you know its details it impacts even more.

It has a height of 192cm, a width of 184cm and a generous depth of 107cm, it is a sofa for two people to feel very comfortable. With a refined classic style with elegant curves, with a mahogany wood structure and with the spectacular Chris-X-Legs leg system designed by the famous furniture designer Christopher Guy, reaches a price of nothing more and nothing less than € 9138. Quite a high price for most mortals.

I must admit that it has captivated me as soon as I have seen it, but I think it is a sofa to admire in a museum or somewhere similar, even if I had money to buy it, I would have to refurnish the whole house to combine it with the design of this sofa . But if someone has a fancy and wants to buy from them, let them know that they can do it at and if they enter the code PRT8841CGP When making the purchase, you will benefit from a 2% discount on the purchase.


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