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If you remember well, you will remember the feelings that invaded you at Christmas when you were children, nervousness, anxiety, illusion, joy … there was a kind of magical aura that enveloped everything, right? Well, if you have children, they are living and feeling those emotions right now, and although the Christmas decoration by itself is enough to impress children, if we put a greater emphasis on building a more childish christmas decorationI’m sure that we will make Christmas even more magical for them, and of course, for you too. If you are interested in this proposal, pay attention because we have prepared an article with ideas, tips and photos for decorate the house at christmas for children.

Decorate the Christmas tree for children.

Although the traditional Christmas tree is usually decorated with traditional Christmas decorations such as balls, angels and stars, we can also choose to hang other types of more childish, more cheerful objects such as colorful balls, trinkets, felt, dolls, stuffed animals, etc. These will decorate the tree equally well and the children will love to see it and enjoy it both in its decoration and in the days after, also the general atmosphere of the house will take on a more cheerful and fun nuance as it could not be otherwise. Here are some examples.

Although in the case of children, we can take advantage of the Christmas tree decoration to put together another fun task for the little ones such as crafts and have them create Christmas decorations for the tree. Christmas trees created with rolls of toilet paper, wreaths made with buttons, ornaments created with wool and thread, wooden sticks decorated as dolls… And these are just a few small examples!

But if you are looking for originality and do not want to mount the traditional Christmas tree, you are in luck, because non-traditional trees are charming! Here are some examples of the different non-traditional Christmas trees that you can create with and for children.

Decorate the walls at Christmas for children.

And although the Christmas tree is practically the most important part of the Christmas decoration, it is not the only thing. We can use the walls to create a pretty christmas decoration for kids. The walls are the perfect background for decoration, they are a blank canvas where we can let children express their creativity with vinyls, stickers, felt, paint, garlands, etc. Here are some examples of how to decorate the walls at christmas for children.

Decorate the windows and doors at Christmas for children.

Other elements that we can decorate at Christmas are the doors and windows, especially the latter give us a great decorative opportunity. Snow stars, window decals, garlands, socks, wreaths and any Christmas craft will be welcome to wear in a window. Here you can see some examples to decorate windows at Christmas for children.

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Christmas crafts for children.

And if there is still a corner that you want decorate for children at christmas In addition to everything already seen, you can always resort to Crafts. They never fail. They amuse, entertain and decorate with a lot of personality since they are unique. We can decorate a table, the fireplace mantel, the entrance hall furniture, a corner where we have a side table or any other place we want and as for the crafts … We can do anything! Garlands, cards, little trees, calendars, kings and Santa Claus, elves, felt Christmas figures, reindeer and endless more. Here you can see some Christmas crafts for children.

Photos: Design-remont and Manualidades.Childcare.


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