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As we all know, The vinegar has infinite qualities for cooking but also is one of the best allies for cleaning the home in general, since it has a large amount of acetic acid, which is responsible for clean grease, disinfect, polish and eliminate bad odors. It is a fundamental product in every home, and besides being cheap, It is the best home multipurpose on the market, does not contain chemical or toxic elements, and many times it is more effective than any commercial product.

In this post, we are going to see some ideas for using this product For example, for cleaning dishwashers, removing limescale from taps, cleaning moldy tiles, removing charring from burned pans … etc. Today we wanted to collect some of the multiple uses of vinegar in the home, so that those of you who don’t know them can put them into practice and make your life easier. Let’s see them.

Clean the grease from the dishes.

The vinegar helps to descale the grease stuck to the glasses, before scrubbing them, soaking with vinegar is the best option.

Clean rust from cookware.

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To clean rust from scissors, knives, spoons, graters, or any other metal kitchen tools, a good home remedy is to soak it in vinegar overnight.

Unclog pipes.

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Pour in a handful of baking soda and then half a cup of vinegar. In five minutes, rinse with hot water.

Clean tiles.

Clean the walls with a mixture of vinegar and water in equal quantities, and pour the mixture into a sprayer for greater comfort. Spray the stains and let them act for a few minutes, clean with a dry cloth until you notice that they have disappeared.

Clean up pet urine or feces.

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If your dog or cat has marked his territory in this way, first remove all the residue from the place and then mix two parts of water with one of vinegar, clean the area with a soft cloth and let it dry naturally. After this, your pet will not recognize the place where he did his business, therefore, that incident will not be repeated in that area.

Cleaning moldy tiles.

Due to the grease from food, and mold from the steam from the shower, it is normal for mold to accumulate in the joints of the tiles in the kitchen and bathroom. A good solution is to clean the joints with vinegar, rubbing the affected areas with a toothbrush. Let it dry for about two hours, then scrub with soap and water.

Clean burnt pans.

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If your food has stuck to you and the bottom of the pot is black as smut, don’t worry. First remove all the residues with a wooden spoon, pour four tablespoons of vinegar and a glass of warm water. Put it to heat over medium heat until it starts to boil, wait a few minutes until it cools down, and then scrub normally.

Clean the kitchen hobs.

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After cooking fried, your cooktop will surely fill with oil and fat. To clean these stoves well, pour a little vinegar over the dirty areas, and leave for 15 minutes. Then remove the vinegar and clean with mild soap, and do not forget to always dry with a cloth so that it is shiny and without water marks.

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Clean taps and showers.

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To remove limescale from taps or showers, you can rub the areas to be treated with a little baking soda and vinegar. If the stains persist, it is best to disassemble the pieces and leave them to soak in vinegar for half an hour. You will see how bright they are.

Clean the fridge.

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You can use it as a deodorant by putting a glass of vinegar in the fridge. It will absorb all the bad smells that are produced in it.

Clean the coffee maker.

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To remove the limescale that forms on coffee makers, one solution is to fill the coffee maker with water and a splash of vinegar, and put it on the fire as if you were going to prepare coffee but without the coffee. If it persists, repeat the process again.

Eliminate the smell of paint.

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If you have just painted a room, to eliminate the smell of paint, fill a container with vinegar and leave it in the freshly painted room. Change the vinegar every 12 hours.

Remove water stains on wood.

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To remove water stains on wooden surfaces, mix equal parts vinegar and olive oil in a container, and with this solution rub the stain with a soft cloth.

Remove stickers.

It is very easy to remove them without any difficulty, just by wetting them with vinegar, after a while, you will see how they come off easily and without traces of glue.

Clean and disinfect the microwave.

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Once a month, it is advisable to disinfect the dishwasher of all kinds of bacteria and mold, for this you can use vinegar with maximum results. Put it to wash with a cup of vinegar inside, and give it a short wash cycle. Repeat this process every month, or when you notice a bad smell.

Eliminate bad smells when cooking.

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Eliminate the smell of fried fish or cauliflower from your kitchen by boiling a few tablespoons of vinegar for a few minutes.

Clean microwave.

Put two cups of vinegar inside and put it to work for 4 minutes. This will kill bacteria and make grease and dirt clean up more easily afterwards, wiping with a damp cloth to remove residue.

Clean chimneys.

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Every two years it is advisable to clean the chimneys of the home by removing the embedded soot, for this, we can do it with a bristle brush dipped in water, but to prevent dirt from re-embedded in the bricks, pass a wet sponge inside with vinegar and finally, apply a thin layer of wax.

Leave the shower screens as new.

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To remove lime from the screens, mix vinegar and salt in a container and wipe them with a cloth. Then rinse with plenty of water.

Clean the dirt on windows, mirrors and windows.

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To remove dirt and be perfect, nothing like a part of vinegar diluted in five of warm water, for greater comfort, pour this mixture into a sprayer. You can use kitchen paper or newspaper to clean them. Do not clarify.

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