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Generally the hacks to redecorate IKEA furniture they are based on relatively elaborate DIY jobs, in which, of course, the relevant tools are also needed to carry them out. But lately we’re watching how customize, redecorate or tune IKEA furniture, with some new products, as we saw last week with the adhesive fronts of the Prettypegs firm, it becomes easier and easier, without the need to use a lot of time or even tools.

And today, we discovered another product that is easy and quick to apply to redecorate an IKEA furniture, this time in the Stickers Coloray store, within the Etsy platform, which sells decorative vinyls to personalize IKEA furniture, such as the Malm commode series, which we see below:

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The stickers or vinyls are designed with just the right size to stick on the front of the drawers of the Malm dressers, with a wide range of different floral-style designs, although we can also see several abstract-cut models.

Another of the IKEA furniture series that we can decorate is the Kallax series, for which there are also decorative vinyls created for these shelves in the store:

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Equally floral in style, the available vinyls form a wide catalog of patterns and colors in which we are sure to find a model to our liking to redecorate our Kallax shelf.

In addition, according to its creator on its page, the vinyls are easily removable or removable, without leaving a mark or glue on the surface, and can be re-pasted in another place. Although I imagine that it all depends on how long we leave the vinyl glued, since the more time passes the more it adheres to the surface.

We also have adhesive vinyls available for Kura children’s and reversible beds, also from IKEA.

See all decals for Kura beds

Although these vinyls have seemed to me the most remarkable for being made specifically for some IKEA furniture, such as these three models that we have just seen as well as for the Duktig mini play kitchen, we can also see that in the store there are many other vinyls for different surfaces, such as vinyl walls and floors, among others.

It should be noted that the seller is from Poland, so, in addition to the price of the vinyls, the cost of shipping to Spain should also be added.

Photos and information: Stickers Coloray

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