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As an interior designer, I find myself constantly creating color palettes for my clients. Luckily it is something that I love.

Color is one of the disciplines that I like the most and with which I have the best time.

The best way to create a color palette is by using the color wheel. It is a simple tool to use and very powerful, as long as you know the values ​​and how to use it correctly, as you can see in this article.

But I also make use of many other tools, such as the free Pantone app. Yes, that Pantone, the color institute, has a wonderful free application with which we can create professional color palettes for anything we need, among other very interesting tools that I am going to tell you about right now.

Do you want a successful and professional color palette to paint and decorate your home? Then the Pantone app, called Pantone Connect, is for you. Let me show you how you can create a color palette for your home in seconds with this fun and powerful app.

Once we download the application, either for Android or iOS, we can access many of its systems and color charts and other tools, such as creating a color palette.

To create one, we just have to choose one color from the many that the application has available.

Once we select the color we want, the application itself immediately creates several color palettes for us, based on the monochromatic colors of that color that we have chosen, analogues, complementary, triadic, or analogous complementary, among others.

This tells us, in a matter of seconds, the colors that are sure to match our chosen color.

For example, in the image above, we see how once we have selected the color, in this case Living Coral, it immediately returns results in the form of triadic, complementary, analogous colors, etc., of the selected color.

But it does not end here. Although with this we could already see the colors that best match the one we have selected, we have not yet created the color palette.

Now that we know which are the colors that best combine with the primary color that we have selected, we can select some to create our color palette to paint and decorate our house.

Once we have the palette created, we give it a name and it is automatically saved.

Thus, we can create several successful and professional color palettes to paint and decorate our home.

For example, we can create a warm palette. A fresh and relaxing palette. A monochromatic. A bold and daring. And any other palette that creates the atmosphere we want.

As they are all saved immediately as soon as they are created, we can also study them and decide on one environment or another.

Another very interesting tool that the Pantone Connect application has is to create color palettes based on photographs.

Imagine that you are taking a walk on the beach, you are admiring the captivating landscape. The blue of the sky, the tan of the sand, the green water of the sea … You take out your smartphone, take a photo of the landscape, and the application rescues the main colors of that photograph to create a color palette.

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So you can create color palettes to paint and decorate your home, based on a summer day, or a lush green forest, or one of your favorite paintings, for example.

Any landscape that you have fallen in love with, any view, photograph, painting, whatever. If you can photograph it, you can get a color palette inspired by that view.

This is wonderful, because with a couple of clicks, we can create a fully customized color palette according to our most personal tastes.

For me these are the most curious tools that the application has. Then we have a section of news and articles where we can see the news of Pantone and other things of interest related to the Institute of Color.

You can download it for iOS here, or for Android here.

The application is free and all these tools that I have mentioned can be used in full without paying. Then the application has certain features that are paid, but believe me, you will not need them. With the free version you have more than enough to explore hundreds of colors and use all the tools that I have mentioned and some more.

Leave me a comment and tell me what you think.

And if you have known a little, here you can see 15 other free applications to paint and decorate the house, and here the 10 best programs to design free interiors. And if you think this article may interest a friend or family member, share it.


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