Crepuscule Extendable Console. A Very Practical Versatile Piece Of Furniture • Your Inspiration For Your Home

With the few meters that we have in our homes today, we must look for practical solutions to furnish them and combine our taste with common sense to make the best use of the space we have available.

Thanks to furniture Today this task is much easier, now we have at our disposal extendable furniture that make the task of distributing and dressing our house much easier for us.

Today we bring you a piece of furniture that we have loved for its simple but modern and elegant design. And above all because of how practical and versatile it is for space problems.

Is a console, that at first you can use it as such, with a perfect size and design to place it on any wall, but this is piece of furniture has the particularity of extending a lot, so much so that from being a simple wall console, it quickly and easily becomes a table for up to 8 people, passing by a table for 4 people.

Is he perfect furniture, practical, aesthetic and decorative to complete the furniture in your living room if you have space problems. It is also available in 3 colors, black, white and wenge.

You can see more details of this furniture or buy it only for € 259 at Single Sale.

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